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  1. Sandy

    What can I say more then excellent service and excellent excellent food!! First time visiting silk road and it is now my top choice for Afghani cuisine. The service was perfect! The atmosphere is so cultural. 100% perfect!

  2. Chris

    I just posted my review on yelp of Silk Road. 5 stars.

    Ok, first things first. I’m not middle eastern but I have eaten at plenty of middle eastern/,meditteranean cuisines etc…etc…, Turkish, Afhan, Lebanese, Greek. My favorite of all is Lebanese, in general Lebanese people can cook their asses off and it almost feels as if they are naturally good at it.

    That said, the family that owns Silk Road are just absolutely lovely people. I’ve been to Pakistan and have eaten some of the best kabobs I’ve had in my life there, mainly because the meats were organic and not bred from giant meat production farms as its done in the US. That said the kabobs from Silk Road are cooked to perfection, all the food was executed to a very high degree.

    I usually joke and try to write something witty in my reviews. The review that I’m doing is for Silk Road is very solemn. The restaurant by my NYC born and bred, son of a restaurant owner in the West Village that has served Kennedy’s and WWF wrestlers is that Silk Road is the best Afghan/Middle Eastern Restaurant/Restaurant in general within a 30 minutes radius from where I live. This is without equivocation.

    The rice was cooked to perfection, the kabobs were perfect, the baklava as per my fiance was the best my fiance’s ever eaten, the portions were more than generous, the hummus was great, the bread magnifico…oh my, the bread…

    The bread was very unique, underneath, their bread was naan like!!! But the top of the bread was pefectly light and crisp almost like the roti/puri bread that is served to you with a curry dip at Malyasian restaurants.

    The salad you can eat all day, its not a miraculous salad, but the kind of salad that won’t offend anyone. There’s only one type of dressing, you get the afghan sala and you’re just content eating it. Its very homey.

    The soup they serve as an intro at the beginning of the meal is a spicy lentil soup. Its lentil soup with a kick. Soooooo goood!

    The dumplings with chives or scallions/onions are just out of this world. Everything is good here and I hope that it is an example of restauranteurs who open a restaurant and can stand up proudly and can say that the food we serve here can stand on its own with any restaurant anywhere. All in my backyard and a short 15 minute drive. Wow. What more can I say?

    PS they’re catering our international themed Christmas dinner this year for our families.

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