Silk Road Restaurant opened in the Village Square Mall on Mountain Boulevard in early 2004, where it is considered the best kept secret in Warren. Due to the popularity of Silk Road, the restaurant is now newly expanded at the same location.

Upon entering, you are greeted with the sights, sounds and smells of a world that most of us have never encountered before. The rich reds and dark wood accents combine with tasteful lighting as the sound of instrumental Afghan music drifts through the restaurant. A large flat screen television sits on top of the fireplace, where it showcases a slideshow of pictures containing scenes of the people and the landscape of a beautiful country that is exotic and inviting at the same time. As you take it all in, you are enticed by the smells that promise a delightful meal to come.

Hashim Sidiqee, the owner and longtime Warren resident, immigrated to the U.S. from Afghanistan in the early eighties. He gained experience in the food business and dreamed about opening a restaurant to showcase the cuisine from his native country. He finally got the opportunity when he opened Silk Road, and he made it a family effort by enlisting the help of his wife and children.

“We do things here like you do at home, not like in a restaurant. We use only the freshest ingredients,” Hashim explains, “We cut our own meat, and make our own yogurt, cheese and bread.” Oh, the bread! A loaf of the popular flat bread is put in the tandoor oven and baked freshly for each customer. As soon as it is ready, it is brought right to the table with a variety of Hashim’s homemade condiments.

The dishes are incredibly flavorful and delightfully seasoned. Those of you who don’t like spicy food will be pleasantly surprised, as everything is extremely savory and yet subtly seasoned. There are kabob, vegetarian and rice dishes to choose from, and all are prepared with the freshest ingredients in a healthy way. The most popular choices are the lamb chops, chicken kabobs and salmon kabobs, and the sabzy (spinach) and banjan (eggplant). The most popular rice dish is the Naringe Palow, a slightly sweet rice flavored with orange peels, saffron, and nuts. You can see the full menu at www.silkroadrestaurant.org .

The restaurant has had excellent reviews by both the Courier News and The Star Ledger, and most importantly, from its legions of loyal customers. Reservations are recommended, which you can make by calling (908) 561-8288. Travel the Silk Road to experience a fresh, healthy, and delicious cuisine like you’ve never had before.