If  You are searching for home appliances and find it ambiguous to see which is a suitable product for your house. Do you feel sceptical while watching advertisements and need subjective, neutral, unfavourable reviews? I feel you.

As a stay-at-home dad, I used to struggle to find a useful cooking device for my kitchen. And let me tell you this, the job was anything but easy. After many failures (and tons of money going down the drain) I realize that it is necessary to create a platform that shares tips, reviews, top choice, and purchasing guides that can save one from years after years “hunting” for a good deal.

So, I established this website to support you in getting the products catering to your every need without having to go the extra mile.
At Silk Road Restaurant, I will provide you with useful, authentic, and updated articles regarding home appliances written by the experienced. Here, you will learn about the best product available, varying from cooking tools and so more for your household.

On top of that, after years of shopping online, I know that the time you dedicate to surfing the information is short, so you demand the articles to be quick, clear, and as specific as possible. Understanding your need, I divided the content on this page into four main categories: Best Product, Buying Guides, Product Reviews, Brands, and Blog.
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Hi, I’m Mariam
A freelance writer and a coffee enthusiast. I love writing about coffee-related content. Up to now, I have written many articles about a cafe with quality content. My purpose is to provide readers with the best coffee articles.


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I am an author and an expert with experience in coffee. I love to write about coffee content because I want to share my experiences with coffee. I’m especially interested in Espresso coffee



Hello, I’m Otis

I’m a writer by passion. I’m keen on writing about everything, especially the coffee. It is my passion, so I always provide many articles with quality and in-depth content.




hi, I’m Iolanda

Iolanda knows how to cook. Her flair with everyday cuisine extends far and wide, from the television screen to her wonderfully written cookbooks. Along the way, she has also become somewhat of a role model, a sexy mother, and a wife who knows how to whip up satisfying dishes for friends and family in a seemingly effortless way.


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