Since 1914

Ever since the Mohawk Trail was opened from Charlemont to North Adams on October 22, 1914, there has been a building on the Hairpin Turn to accommodate travelers, with souvenirs, food, and drink, who stopped to take in the scenic view of the Hoosac Valley and surrounding Berkshire hills. The elevation of the Hairpin Turn is 1700 feet above sea level. The Golden Eagle restaurant is nestled into the rocky cliffs behind it. The building, originally a gift shop owned by Donald and Lewis Canedy, sat on the tip of the U within the turn. In the fall of 1958, within a span of 10 weeks, two runaway tractor-trailers missed the turn and crashed through the gift shop. The Canedy’s rebuilt and had a recess carved into the cliff, and the building has been safe since.


Welcome To The Golden Eagle Restaurant

Our History

In 1980, John and Lynn Morris purchased The Golden Eagle Gift Shop & Restaurant from the Canedy family, who owned the Hairpin Turn when the road was opened in 1914. Since then there have been several structures on this site. This building has been standing since 1958.


The Morris Family took two years to renovate the building into a full-service restaurant and opened to the public in August 1982. Since then the restaurant has gone through many changes. The restaurant was located upstairs and there was a gift shop on the first floor. The restaurant business flourished that by 1992, the gift shop was reduced to half the downstairs and a lounge with casual dining was added. By 1997 additional dining was in demand and the downstairs was converted into a full lounge


The Golden Eagle Today

Welcome To The Golden Eagle Restaurant

The most beautiful view of Northern Berkshire County all year round! In the spring, summer and fall, choose to enjoy lunch or dinner on our veranda while taking in a magnificent panoramic view of Adams, North Adams, Clarksburg, and Williamstown. Our upstairs dining room offers an extensive menu and offers a more formal atmosphere.

Reservations on weekend nights and holidays are suggested. We offer casual dining downstairs in our lounge, serving a full menu where you can also play KENO and enjoy our full-service bar. . Book a private party or reception which includes tasty selections from our Banquet Menu. All major credit cards are accepted.


Welcome To The Golden Eagle Restaurant

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