how to sharpen kitchen knives at home

how to sharpen kitchen knives at home

How to sharpen kitchen knives at home, with a sharp knife in hand.

You can easily cut any type of food into the desired shape without any difficulty at all.

But if you only have a dull knife, even moving the blade is a big deal, let alone trimming to your liking.

Even using a less sharp knife is dangerous for you and reduces the taste of the dish.

So, for us cooks, nothing is worse than a dull knife.

In today’s article, we will show you how to sharpen kitchen knives at home.

Not too picky, nor need to take it so far; you just need to spend a bit of money and effort.


 How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives at Home – What Is The Best Way to Sharpen Kitchen Knives at Home


How to sharpen kitchen knives at home

There are a total of 3 ways for you to choose from. Each method requires us to perform different operations.

Best way to sharpen knives at home.

Using Sharpening Steel

Using Knife Sharpeners

Using Whetstones

Use knife sharpening steel- How to use sharpening steel for knives

The simplicity and convenience of sharpening steel are why many people choose to sharpen with their knives.

Unlike many other specialized sharpening tools, getting sharpening steel is the best way to sharpen knives at home.

Most of the knives sold in the market are included with the buyer of this tool.

Besides, the simple manipulation process is also a great point in the method we refer to.

You just need to perform all three steps that the article is about to introduce below to make your knife much sharper.

However, you need to be a bit aware of the quality of the knife you want to sharpen before deciding to use this method.

Because the sharpening steel method cannot help you restore blades that are too dull.

How to Use a Sharpening Steel: 3 easy steps

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The proper way to use a knife sharpening steel, sharpening steel instructions for use 3 step method

Step 1

First, you must ensure that the steel bar used to sharpen the knife is standing upright with the sharp tip in direct contact with the table.

Then gently place the heel part of the blade into the sharpener to form an angle of about 15 degrees.

And don’t forget that we always have to point the knife up.

Step 2

In this step, you need to use enough force to keep the knife at a 15-degree angle and create friction when pulling the knife from top to bottom.

Also, make sure that every part of the blade from the heel to the holder and the tip of the knife is in contact with the sharpening bar.

Step 3

When the tip of the knife touches the table’s surface, it is also the end of a grinding process.

What you need to do now is repeat the steps above with the other side of the blade.

After about 3 or 4 cycles of such repetitions.

You should take a 2 to 3-second break to recheck the contact angle before continuing.

Using electric knife sharpeners

how to sharpen kitchen knives at homeUsing the Knife Sharpeners tools will help you restore the cutting ability of dull knives most simply and conveniently.

There are two main types of grinders on the market today:

Electric Knife Sharpeners with automatic motors and Manual Knife Sharpeners that operate in a normal manual way.

At first glance, both devices are similar, but each device has its strengths and weaknesses.

So you will need to consult carefully before choosing a grinder model to meet your needs.

If you want to do the hard work like restoring a knife full of chips or sharpening multiple knives simultaneously.

Then Electric Knife Sharpeners is the right choice.

From the spring burrs that fix the blade to the smoothing unit at the perfect angle.

Reach slots of various widths with an automatic grinding motor with impressive performance.

All of the above factors have combined to create a knife sharpener with quality performance.

However, along with the impressive capabilities of the Electric Knife Sharpeners comes the hefty price tag.

In case you just need a device capable of sharpening your knives or don’t have to come into contact with damaged blades too much then.

Manual Knife Sharpeners would be more appropriate partly because the prices of products of this type are quite low.

Of course, their features are enough to serve us.

 How to use an electric knife sharpener- best knife sharpener

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Step 1

Put the knife’s heel into the head of the sharpening groove of the most suitable size.

Then we just need to drag the knife from top to bottom.

Step 2

Repeat step 1 until you feel the knife is sharp enough.

Using Whetstones – best whetstone

how to sharpen kitchen knives at homeYou need to have at least an above-average sharpening skill to be able to use Whetstones.

Because this type of tool is extremely difficult to manipulate and consumes a huge amount of time to learn how to use and use in sharpening.

To get the best feel of the difficulty of this sharpening, you can try continuously performing five operations with a hard stone surface for more than 30 minutes.

But keep in mind that we stay at the same 15-degree angle the whole time.

But once you’ve mastered the method, there’s no knife you can’t resist.

Even heavy rusted blades or full bolster designs will be the sharpest.

How to use a whetstone for sharpening knives

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Here are the 5 most basic steps for you to familiarize yourself with Whetstones.

Step 1

In this preparation step, you need to find a surface with high friction to prevent slipping when working with the grinding wheel.

Step 2

Place the blade on the stone surface so that the angle is at least 15 degrees, and make sure the edge is positioned away from you.

Then start placing your non-dominant on the shank and slowly move the blade across the rock.

Step 3

Check the sharpness of the sharpened knife with other materials or tools.

Step 4

Perform the operations in step 2 correctly with the other side of the knife.

Step 5

Continuously repeat the grinding on both sides until you feel satisfied.

How to maintain chef knife – Storing knives after sharpening


To preserve the blade for a longer time and limit the potential hazards for us from sharp knives.

We recommend that you refer to the following maintenance methods instead of leaving these tools in a corner.

Usually, people will apply the simplest method to store and preserve their knives using knife blocks.

It can hold many tools besides the blade and the extremely low price of the boxes that have attracted many people to choose to use.

If you want to choose other methods to save space as well as beautify the kitchen.

The Knife Drawer or magnetic knife strip will be the most suitable.

Of course, another pretty impressive preservation piece for those who follow a simple lifestyle and don’t have a large budget is the Knife Guards.

What should be noted before sharpening the knife blade?

You need to check to see if your knife needs to be sharpened to avoid wasting effort and affecting the tool.

Just using your senses is not enough for you to know if your knife needs sharpening or not.

Even the most gorgeous-looking blades are likely to be dull knives if one is constantly used and only knows how to clean the outside.

Besides, some umbrellas are not beautiful but extremely sharp.

So the first thing to do before sharpening is to check the condition of the knife.

There are many ways to test knife wear, but the most common and easiest to do is still cut paper or tomatoes.

You only need to look through the cut on these two test materials to know the condition of the tool immediately.

 Frequently Asked Questions

The information below will help you answer the two most common questions in the knife sharpening process.

Will the knife be damaged after sharpening?

The answer will definitely be yes because there will be an amount of metal from the time the blade is worn and dissipated in the process of friction.

However, you do not need to worry too much because this loss is extremely small and will not shorten our knife.

In exchange for safety and easy cutting, it’s well worth it to shorten the blade a bit.

What if there are no specialized tools?

Tools are not always available to handle dull knives.

So we would like to introduce to you a few simple ways to deal with the temporary.

First, we can use the bottom of the cup made of ceramic or porcelain with a rough surface to sharpen the chippings on the blade.

Using an extra knife as the abrasive surface is also a pretty effective method.

In the worst case, the edge of the kitchen counter can also be used as an emergency grinding device.


So we have finished referring to the methods to note in the knife sharpening process. How to sharpen kitchen knives at home.

We hope that this valuable information will give you a lot of experience and useful knowledge when using it.

Sharpening, and maintaining this very important tool.


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