how to use gourmia air fryer


how to use gourmia air fryer

Why you need how to use Gourmia air fryer Although the air fryer is an excellent option for the very best foods.

Nowadays, with the help of different types of cooking utensils, the story of cooking has become much less difficult for housewives or real chefs.

It even makes your food tastier, more beautiful, and more time-saving than the traditional way of doing it.

Save your budget and money as well as prolong the satisfaction of your experiences as they become familiar to you.

Besides, it also helps them prolong usage time before you have to find a new one.

Knowing how to use them will make them serve you better for your delicious meals. Create beautiful, delicious, and well-timed dishes

And air fryer is one of them, and they are now quite famous under the Gourmia brand name. Therefore, you should learn how to use Gourmia air fryer.

Why should I buy an air fryer?

The primary advantage of air fryers is to prepare food in a healthy method with less oil and slim, decreasing cooking smells and enabling for a variety of cooking ways.

In fact, the air fryer is an air fryer. They do not use oil but a very hot air stream.

The results were the exact same, namely fragile on the outside and soft on the within.

However, they’re not simply fried. In the majority of cases, they are geared up with a resistor that also enables other types of cooking, such as baking and roasting.


How to Use Gourmia Air Fryer – Why do you need to have a Gourmia air fryer


The air fryer is also known as a vacuum fryer, an oil-free fryer. They are manufactured by many different manufacturers.

But based on the popularity as well as the popularity of users for the brand, so today we will mention Gourmia.

The cooking mechanism of the air fryers is to bring the air temperature to about 200 degrees Celsius.

Then heat evenly on the surface of the food by a fan without using cooking oil. Thanks to this, they can reduce 70-80% of the fat in your food.

This saves time when you simply season your food – then cook it in the pot without having to stand by the side of the pot.

And amazingly, the total cooking time shortened to only half that of conventional convection ovens.

In addition, you can cook a variety of dishes with this type of equipment such as for drying foods, fruits, and baking without having to spend money on an oven.

When they are finished they will give you delicious, smoky, and beautiful treats.

Because the Gourmia air fryers have been equipped with odor and smoke filters to keep your food delicious with a very crispy crust while retaining the necessary softness – moisture inside.

In addition, after each cooking time, you will no longer be too tired to clean an entire battlefield like before.

Using the Gourmia fryer will keep the kitchen space clean. There is no plaque left by grease, no more food smells on your hair or clothes.

More guarantee for you from accidents related to fried foods in the kitchen.

Therefore, owning yourself a Gourmia air fryer will save maximum cooking time, bring delicious meals, and make family health a very reasonable choice.

How to use Gourmia air fryer: the easy way to have a perfect meal 

You will find a wide variety of Gourmia branded air fryer products on the market.

They include many different styles, functions, and even materials. So you need to consider choosing for yourself a product like the best.

We have gone through the actual use of Gourmia air fryer products, and we also consulted a lot of people’s comments and reviews on how to use these products.

So you can completely trust the content we share about how to use a popular Gourmia air fryer.

How to use Gourmia air fryer for the first time

After you have purchased your Gourmia air fryer product. First, you need to review and test the product to avoid a problem in the cooking process.

Make sure that the tray opens easily without any problems.

Try connecting your product to a power source, but remember that you should not have a clearance of about 8-10 inches close to your power source.

After connecting you will press the touch power button to turn on the device.

For products that do not do this, you need to contact the place where you purchased the item immediately. Because it most likely had a problem.

Ok, once you’ve made sure everything is fine you should wash them before you start cooking your first time.

Make sure they are washed and dry and then reposition them. First, you need to test if your device is working properly or has any signs of causing odors.

This is very simple. Just set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and set the time for 5 minutes and press start.

Once finished, try opening the pantry. If they show signs of being heated well and don’t have any strange smells.

You can proceed to cook your meal & air fryer recipes for beginners

> Go to the best Gourmia air fryer recipes on Amazon <<

Cook with Gourmia air fryer

When you cook your own meals, it’s also easy. You can season your fries first or just the raw materials.

Then put them in the basket of air fryer crisper.

If you own a Gourmia air fryer with built-in functionality you just need to select them and start.

But if not, you’ll need to adjust the temperature and time accordingly. After that is the act.

During the cooking process, it is a good idea to try opening them from time to time to see how they are making your dish golden brown.

One trick for you to make your food golden crispy is to stir them evenly and then remove the appliance again.

For foods like meat, you may not need to spray oil. But for vegetables or potatoes and the food you want they look great and fried the way you want you can spray or marinate them with a little oil.

And be careful with just a little so that they can still reduce the amount of fat for your nails.

After the cooking is finished, there will usually be a “beep” alerting you. You just need to take out your food and enjoy it.

Air fryer accessories for Gourmia – Must have air fryer accessories

In addition, during the use of a Gourmia air fryer, you can completely cook the combination of many ingredients at the same time or best remove the excess opening with the included accessories such as a rack and tray.

 Rack for Gourmia air fryer

If you don’t know how to use an air fryer rack then don’t worry because it’s easy too.

After placing your food in a basket it is considered the first floor. You just need to put the rack in and continue. You can place an extra layer of foil on your rack if you want to bake soft foods that won’t break when removed. Then operate the machine as usual.

However, you need to consider whether a combination of the foods you cook or not. And consider their space and layout to be reasonable.

Best air fryer tray for Gourmia air fryer

The air fryer tray is the tool to help you more effectively remove excess openings in your food.

When using them you just need to place them on the bottom of the basket. Then put your food to cook. And operate them as usual.

Cleaning Gourmia air fryer

Fortunately for you, the usual Gourmia air fryers are designed with clean hygiene in mind.

Their baskets are always anti-nutritional. So you can completely clean them normally quickly.

In addition, for the device cover, you just need to use a wet towel to wipe it first enough to make them become clean again and ready for you to use again.

What are the top 3 Gourmia air fryers?

Top 3 Best Gourmia Air Fryer to Buy with Reviews 2021:

1. Gourmia 6-Qt. Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer – Best for Premium air fryer

With a wide range of superior features, This is a stainless steel digital air fryer using Fast Air Recirculation Technology.

Patented with the ability to guarantee that food is perfectly cooked. Products with Touchscreen Digital Control are very intuitive and easy to see.

Also gives you a 60-minute time adjustment and comes with 2 Removable Crisping Trays.

2.Gourmia 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer GAF698 – Best Mid Range air fryer

This machine uses FryForce 360 Technology gives you 6 qt batch capacity with up to 12 preset modes.

Also, you can adjust the temperature manually from 90 – 400F. Attached Multi-Purpose Rack and Recipe Book.

3.Gourmia GAF718 Digital Free Fry Air Fryer – Best for Budget

This product has an excellent appearance and is easy to clean. It gives you 8 one-touch cooking presets that are quickly cooked with the 1700 watt Express Heat System.

It was also included with the 7 qt fry pan and non-stick crisper tray. They are removable for simple cleanup.


Q: How do you use a Gourmia air fryer?

A: Marinate the seasoning and place your food in the pot

Choose the right temperature and time

Click the start button to finish.

Q: How do you turn on an air fryer Gourmia?

A: To be able to turn on the Gourmia air fryer you just need to connect it to a power source. Immediately the indicator light or LED of the air fryer will light up to indicate that the machine is ready to operate.

Q: Do you need to preheat the Gourmia air fryer?

A: Once your batch of ingredients has been cooked, the air fryer will be immediately ready to prepare the next batch.

You don’t need to preheat your Gourmia air fryer.

Q: How do you use an air fryer for the first time?

A: Make sure that the tray opens easily without any problems then wash and dry them.

Try connecting your product to a power source. Test your device with 400F and set the time for 5 minutes and press start.

If it’s OK, let put your food into the basket and adjust the time and temperature. Then start the first time to cook with your Gourmia air fryer.


Above are the details we want to talk about how to use the Gourmia air fryer.

They will be very useful for those who are just starting out. We also talked about the benefits of cooking with a Gourmia air fryer and introduced you to some well-rated products.

Enjoying convenient and delicious meals will be closer to you with these devices.


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