Pellet Grill Vs Charcoal Grill

Pellet Grill Vs Charcoal Grill

Pellet Vs Charcoal Reviews, Tips, and Guides

If you’re looking for a fuel source for your grill, you may be wondering whether to use pellets or charcoal. Both have their pros and cons, so it can be tough to decide which is the best option for you. In this blog post, we’ll look at the differences between pellets and charcoal, and help you decide which is the best choice for your next barbeque.

What is a pellet?

– A pellet is made from different types of wood. Once dried it becomes compressed into the shape of a round, square, or hexagon shaped object. A chip is not expanded to form pellets, but rather is just cut pieces. Pellets are used mostly in central heating systems which burn very hot so that it doesn’t need to be burned for as long as if you were cooking on your grill or BBQ for example. The main difference between briquettes vs wood chunks has to do with convenience and the price accompanying convenience.

Features of a Pellet:


-Pellets are small and more expensive than any other type of smoking wood, but they burn hotter. Compare to larger types of chunks which have greater surface area which contributes to longer burning time.


-Pellets are one of the most expensive types of smoking wood, but it is about twice as much for a pack containing less than 1lb vs another brand containing around 2lbs.

-Pellets are small which means they cost more to produce per pound than larger types of smoking woods. The difference in price compared to other types of smoking woods is not necessarily correlated with how long the pellets will burn because some brands have a longer burning time than others.


-Pellets come in different shapes and sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 2″ wide, but they all have uniformed shapes so they can be used interchangeably.

-Square, round or hexagon shaped pellets can be found at almost any store that sells them

-Pellets come in different brands with different designs to make it easier for people who use more of one type over another.


-You won’t find any decorative style pellet packages, only plain wood pellets available at your local store or on Amazon online.


-You will find that most pellet packages have a small warranty or guarantee in which you can return them within 30 days if there’s anything wrong with the product. If something is wrong with your pellets you won’t be getting money back, but rather another pack of pellets for free.

Customer service:

-There are dozens of brands for both charcoal vs wood pellets so it’s not worth mentioning one since they all basically do the same thing; however, when it comes to customer service they don’t go above and beyond like when buying from other companies. They’ll replace your product just because you feel like you’re not getting enough out of it when the problem might lie within your smoker itself.


-Wood pellets are made from wood, so you get the same smell and taste as if you were cooking with regular chunks of charcoal or BBQ grilling. You get no added flavors or chemicals when using pellets which is why some people prefer them over other types of smoking woods; however, they cost more per pound.

Ease of use:

-It’s very easy to put a few, 2″ wide pellets in your smoker and leave them in for about an hour to ensure that it has time to soak up all the aroma before closing it. The burning time depends on the brand since not all wood pellet brands contain the same amount of product when compared side by side at a store.


-The most common accessory you can use with wood pellets is an airtight container or jar. You’ll find that some of them are clear, and others are tinted which lets you know how much is left inside without opening it up. The main benefit using something like this is that you’ll be able to pinpoint when the pellet package has reached its end; however, there’s no guarantee that once it’s empty there won’t still be some pellets left behind, so they don’t all burn off evenly.


-One of the best benefits that comes with using wood pellets is that you won’t have much if any problems when it comes to flare-ups because they are so small compared to chunks.


-Since pellets are made from wood and contain no added chemicals or flavorings there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to safety. People have been cooking on pellet smokers for years so you can relax knowing they’re not in any way harmful to your health.


-When opening the package of wood pellets for the first time you’ll notice that their very dusty; however, this is normal and doesn’t affect the flavor or burning time in any way. There’s also a chance that some of these particles may build up inside your smoker but once again it doesn’t affect anything but may be cause for concern if you’re sensitive to debris getting into your food.

Cooking properties:

-Wood pellets burn long and hot, as well as smoky. You can use them with your charcoal smoker to enhance the flavor of your food by burning for around an hour before cooking. They also have a very long burn time which is one of their most beneficial traits since you won’t need to open your smoker so often.

Cooking time:

-You should expect your food to take no more than an hour or two to be finished since pellets burn for a longer period. There are also different brands that vary in size and burning times which is why you will find recipes online that tell you how long each brand needs to cook certain types of meat.


-Just like chunks, wood pellets are a great choice when smoking all types of meat. They can be used in most charcoal grills and many smokers including kamado grills, pellet grills, electric smokers, brinkman smokers or any other type. Although they cannot be used in gas smokers, I’m sure that after reading this article you will be able to pick up on the more popular brands and hopefully try them for yourself to see if they’re worth purchasing more often than chunks ever since you found out how beneficial they can be!

What is a Charcoal?

-The term “charcoal” is used to describe carbon that has been burned to produce heat, usually in the absence of oxygen. The char can either be synthetic or organic in nature. Charcoal can also refer to a black residue consisting of impure carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal bile.

-Charcoal is typically produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen (see chart production). The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, porous material resembles coal and is 85% elemental carbon.

Features of Charcoal:


– The dimensions of the product are 20 x 5.5 x 1 inches


– The price for this product is $37.99 and can be found here.


– The design of this product is very simple and sleek. It comes in a black box with the blue label on the front which lets you know what it is and how it can benefit you.


– This item comes in 2 different colors, black and silver.


– This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Service:

– You can contact the seller’s customer service at


– This product is made from coconut shell and natural plant fiber.

Ease of use:

-This item is easy to carry and has a compact design. It can be used by both children and adults alike plus it comes with an instructional guide in case you are new to this type of grilling system. It also comes with tongs for easy gripping which makes this product safer than other similar products.

– The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product. You can return it if you are not satisfied or if it does not meet your needs.

– This item has no bad odor at all.

– This product comes with a brush for easy clean up.


– This product comes with a compact carrying case.


– This product has an anti-flare design for safety.


– The flame is extinguished when it is left unattended, stored vertically or upside down to avoid any injuries.


– This product can be used to remove ashes and other sticky dirt particles.

Cooking properties:

– This product helps to cook food evenly.

Cooking time:

– The cooking time for this product is about 15 minutes before you need to refuel it using a match or lighter. It also has a safety feature that automatically extinguishes the flame when it’s being carried from one place to another so if you accidentally forget about it, there is no chance of fire hazard.


– This charcoal briquette grill can be used to cook almost anything you want, although it is best for cooking meat and vegetables.

Pros and Cons of pellet and charcoal?


-Versatile, you can use it for meat, veggies, or fish.

-You don’t have to worry about refilling your stash and having to constantly keep track of time as each wood pellet smoker box will last hours before the next refill. This is since they do not burn fast like traditional charcoal which means less effort on your part and no hassle!

-Since all the work is done for you, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying some quality time with family and friends while waiting for those mouthwatering foods to be ready.

-It mixes well with other ingredients such as spices allowing for a variety of flavors.  


-Although this product is a great way to get rid of excess heat, it is not a good source of heat.

-To avoid cave-ins, you need to be extra careful when adding the wood pellets. Failure to do so will result in accidents and unnecessary damages.

-One may have difficulty cooking denser food such as lamb especially if they are not careful with their pellet placement or add too much at once.

The similarities of pellet and charcoal:

-Charcoal is not of much use on its own, but when mixed with other things it becomes something of wonder. As for pellet smokers, you can’t cook anything without having some wood pellets on hand. It takes them to get the smoker started and provide that unique flavor that will make your food come out tasting great!

-Not too many people are aware of this, but charcoal is made from old trees. The only difference between the two is that charcoal briquettes were treated with various chemicals such as binders, fillers and others which would mean they’re not as ecofriendly as one may think. So, if you really want to go green then investing in a pellet smoker box is your best option.

-Aside from being ecofriendly pellet smoker boxes are also easy to use, which is another reason why they are becoming more popular. If you have no idea how to light them then simply follow the instructions that came with your product or ask for help in forums or blog posts online. And once the smoker has been lit all you have to do is wait until it’s ready before putting your food on.

  -Both charcoal and pellets have low smoke points so if you want to grill something at a lower temperature you might want to consider using other types of grills like gas ones. And lastly if you’d rather not deal with any of the downsides mentioned above there’s always electric, although their initial cost may be a bit higher than pellet or charcoal smokers.

The differences of pellet and charcoal:

-As for taste, there’s no denying that charcoal has a more distinct flavor to it. This is usually attributed to the sauces, spices and other ingredients that are often added during the cooking process. It makes sense because if you think about it, not many people are really interested in tasting just steak or chicken when they barbecue, so adding sauce, marinades or other things is an easy way to mix flavors without having too much trouble doing so.

-Another difference is the speed of cooking although this will mostly depend on your equipment. Charcoal smokers tend to cook faster since wood pellets burn at a much higher temperature than traditional charcoal which means you’ll have to watch out because your food may end up overcooked or worse burned if you’re not careful.

-Another advantage of charcoal smokers is that they can reach high temperatures in a short amount of time which makes them great for grilling and searing your food. This also means that if you aren’t aware of how hot it’s getting inside the smoker you might end up with overcooked or burnt meat.

-And lastly, since pellet smokers use wood pellets to produce heat there’s a smaller chance for you to run out of fuel during a cookout especially when compared with charcoal smokers. Just be sure to keep an eye on things just in case because these little buggers have been known to explode from time to time!

The winner:

-Charcoal wins when it comes to flavor and searing, but pellet smokers have a lot going for them if you know how to use them. Since they’re ecofriendly and easy to use they make the best choice especially if you don’t want to deal with any major problems or accidents.


What is the primary difference between a pellet and charcoal?

-Different types of wood are used to make pellets and charcoal. Wood pellets are ecofriendly, easy to use and burn at a high temperature. Charcoal grills often have unique flavors since they’re made from different kinds of wood that are burned during the cooking process!

Which one is right for me?

-If you’re a beginner then wood pellet smoker boxes would be a great choice since they’re easy to use and require less effort on your part. As for more experienced grill masters with no trouble handling high heat then charcoal smokers might be the way to go.

Pros and Cons of a pellet and charcoal:

Pellet pros:

-Cheaper than charcoal

-More environmentally friendly

-Easy to store and transport

-Higher temperature burns at around 450 degrees fahrenheit.

Pellet cons:

-Lower smoke point than traditional charcoal so it may be harder to grill something on a low heat.

Charcoal pros:

-A lot more flavor due to the sauces, spices, etc. that are often added throughout the cooking process.

-Can reach high temperatures in less time which makes them great for grilling food on a high heat at first then finishing it off with your pellet smoker!

Charcoal cons:

-Hard to maintain especially if you’re new to this since you’ll have to watch out for air drafts, wind and other things that may interfere with the cooking process.


While pellet grills are becoming more and more popular, charcoal grills still have a loyal following. Both have their pros and cons, so which one is the best for you? Ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use grill that doesn’t require much setup or maintenance, then a pellet grill is probably right for you. But if you want the authentic barbecue experience and don’t mind spending some time tending to the fire, then a charcoal grill is definitely worth considering.

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