Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power, Easy Clean Extractor Press Centrifugal Juicing Machine, Wide 3" Feed Chute for Whole Fruit Vegetable, Anti-drip, High Quality, Large, Silver

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power, Easy Clean Extractor Press Centrifugal Juicing Machine, Wide 3" Feed Chute for Whole Fruit Vegetable, Anti-drip, High Quality, Large, Silver



Types of juicers. Juicer is one of the most popular household appliances, especially on hot summer days.

So how to choose the Right Type of Juicer for You, what are its uses, what kind of juicer are available on the market today?

To answer these questions, please refer to the article Types of Juicers and Choosing The Best Juicer For Your Needs below.


Types of Juicers and Choosing The Best Juicer For Your Needs

Experience choosing to buy a juicer

Juicer is very important for the process of adding nutrients to the body and beauty.

However, selecting an appropriate juicer product is not easy.

So below, we will give the criteria that you can rely on to know which type of juicer you need to use.

Do you genuinely need a juicer?

This is a question you need to ask yourself and find answers to before deciding whether to buy a juicer.

How often do you need to use juice, as well as family members? If everyone in the house wants to drink juice daily.

It is best to invest in a quality product for long-term use.

Choose the right type of fruit juicer

Presses have many different types, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you need to conduct research and compare the products with each other before you can choose for yourself the most suitable juicer machine.

Refer to 4 common types of juicers below!

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Design of the product

The juicer is also considered a decoration to help the home kitchen space become more luxurious and sophisticated.

Therefore, you should choose products with eye-catching designs and designs to bring the highest aesthetic effect.

Is the material safe for health?

The material forming the juicer not only helps to ensure the durability and quality of the product over time but also needs safety for the health of users.

Specifically, you need to pay attention to the following essential parts:

. Material blades made of durable, sharp, and sturdy metal will help the process of cutting materials take place faster.

. Filter mesh should be made of soft material for more natural cleaning and not deformed like metal mesh

The active capacity of the product

The function of the juicer is one of the crucial criteria that users need to keep in mind because it directly affects the performance of the machine as well as the amount of power consumed.

Typically, the capacity of the product ranges from 200 – 800 W.

With the juicer with low capacity, the user will have to cut vegetables and fruits before putting them in the machine so that the device will not be broken.

As for high-capacity presses, the rotation speed of the machine will be tremendous, can squeeze fruit faster, and more exhausted.

But quickly depletes the number of enzymes in the fruit and makes a loud sound while using.

Moreover, the machine also consumes quite a large amount of power.

Ability to clean and sanitize after use

With the juicer is a complex structure, the cleaning will be more complicated than the machine with few parts.

For this criterion, we recommend using products that are round in shape as the parts of.

The device will also have the same form to make the cleaning process more convenient.

To remove the fruit residue deposited on the net, on the filter, or in other parts, users can use a small brush.

In addition, with the juicer, users should also note that the machine you buy is hygienic with regular dishwashing liquid.

Choose the best brand

Not only the juicer that any product users should choose to buy from famous brands on the market such as.

Please see the most prestigious brands below.

Panasonic, Philips, Pensonic, Bluestone, Supor, Tefal, Midea, Kuvings…

This product usually has a clear origin, has an after-sales policy, warranty after the purchase.

Thereby helping users to be more assured of the quality and durability of the device.

 Buy at a reputable place

To ensure that the juicer you buy is of the best quality, users should go to a reputable supermarket or electronics center to choose.

Users will be consulted carefully about the function, how to use it as well as for instructions on the warranty policy after buying.

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Learn about the juicer

A fruit juicer is a household appliance that functions to squeeze juice to provide pure extracts rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Unlike a blender that grinds only fruits.

The juicer also has a sieve and pulp collector to separate the nutrient water from the fibrous residues of fruits and vegetables.

Principle of operation

In this section, we will discuss the structure and operating principles of a healthy and slow juicer.

The structure of a juicer usually consists of a high-speed motor.

A wheel tray with a variety of blades and a grater, a lid with a refueling tube, a juice collector, and a drain dispenser.

When the user puts in the fruit, the tray will rotate at a very high speed, up to nearly 2,400 rpm to help crush the fruit.

Besides, the water is separated from the residue by centrifugal force.

The slow press consists of two main parts, which are a geared motor and a special screw.

Unlike the standard juicer with high speed (2,400 rpm), the slow press is only about 85 rpm.

The principle of operation of the machine is that when the user inserts the fruit.

The spiral screw will slowly feed the material into the filter without creating any centrifugal force or friction on the pressing mixture.

A pulp separator will carry out the pulp, and the juice will naturally flow out.

 The use of the juicer

Quick processing drinks from vegetables, tubers, fruits

As we all know, plants not only provide essential nutrients to the human body but also have the effect of beautifying the skin, helping the body to be healthier.

More vibrant, and help prevent several illnesses.

However, during processing, cooking, these nutrients can be lost or reduced.

So people have come up with an alternative method that is to use daily juices from vegetables.

With just a small size juicer and a moderate amount of vegetables, you can make your own nutritious and hygienic juice in just a while.

Supplementing vitamins and enzymes necessary for the body

As mentioned above, the juicer ensures the amount of vitamins available in the ingredients is not wasted or lost.

With the working principle of crushing fruits and vegetables and separating the water from the residue thanks to centrifugal force.

The juicer not only helps preserve the flavor but also maintains the maximum amount of nutrients ingredients in a juice cup.

What types of juicer should be purchased?

 Manual fruit juicer

It can be said that this is the simplest type of fruit juicer.

When using a manual juicer, users need to use their hands to squeeze juice from fruits and vegetables, although it takes more effort.

But in return, you can adjust the speed and time of pressing.

Advantages of a manual juicer:

No power consumption when running entirely by hand, the product is rated as close to the environment.

. Easy to disassemble the product

. Safety during use

. The price is quite low, suitable for the economic conditions of many households.

 Disadvantages of manual presses:

. It takes a lot of energy when juicing juice in large quantities or hard and hard fruits to squeeze

. Do not squeeze out the water contained in the fruit and leave a lot of scum in the water, which is a waste

. Does not retain much of the nutritional value in the juice

. The device is made of plastic, so its durability is lower than other products.

 Centrifugal fruit juicer

The structure of a centrifugal juicer consists of a motor, a round tray with many blades.

And a filter a lid, a juice collector, and a drain dispenser.

When fruits and vegetables are put into the juicer.

Under the enormous rotation force of the pulverizer.

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All the ingredients will be ground, and the juice is separated from the pulp.

Advantages of centrifugal fruit juicer:

. The price is quite low, in accordance with the economic conditions of the majority of consumers

. The device can squeeze many different types of vegetables

. Many manufacturing brands should diversify their choices for users

. The process of use is simple and easy

Disadvantages of centrifugal fruit juicer:

. The machine makes quite a loud noise during operation

. It cannot be used continuously for a long time because the motor is easily damaged

. Do not squeeze a variety of leafy vegetables

. The quality of the juice is not high because the fluid is easily oxidized under the action of rotation mode at a high speed

. The disassembly, cleaning, and cleaning are quite difficult.

Low-speed fruit juicer

The structure of the slow press consists of 2 main parts, which are a geared motor and a special screw.

The juicer with a speed of only about 85 rpm should slowly crush the ingredients to be pressed.

Pushing them into the sieve without creating any friction or centrifugal force on the juice.

This type of juicer is also designed with a rolling mill, which helps the material to be pulverized quickly.

And the residue will be filtered again by the filter to remove the water juices in fruits and vegetables.

 Advantages of low-speed juicer:

. The machine operates smoothly, does not make noise during use

. Slowing oxidation, limiting the process of bubbling of the juice

. More juice than a centrifugal juicer

. Squeeze a variety of fruits, including large ones, without chopping

Disadvantages of slow speed presses:

. The price is high, so not everyone can afford to buy

. The machine does not work well with the plants themselves

. Difficult to reinstall when the user removed to clean

. Quickly stuck fruit inside the machine.

 Multifunction grinding machine

True to the name of the device, the multifunction blender is a type of juicer with the most uses because, in addition to pressing.

Users can also use it to grind vegetables and fruits like a blender.

Advantages of multifunction grinding machine:

The device can squeeze and grind many different types of vegetables and fruits.

Disadvantages of multifunction grinding machine:

. Price is higher than regular juicers.

. Due to many functions, the size of the device is quite bulky, making it difficult to clean and preserve the machine.


Above, we have shared with you the most detailed information related to the juicer.

Hopefully, through this article, types of juicers.

You will know how to choose to buy a quality product at the lowest price to provide fresh energy from daily vegetables and fruits for yourself and your family members.


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