how to use vitamix blender


how to use vitamix blender

How to use Vitamix blender will let you know tips to use it right and more conveniently.

Vitamix is ​​known as one of America’s leading brands of the blender. After more than 80 brand development, Vitamix is ​​still the name that many Americans trust to use first.

After many improvements to date, Vitamix has released many products of Vitamix multi-function, a large-capacity blender that serve the kitchen needs of everyone and becomes a leading blender brand in the world.

Help people eat better through healthy, nutritious foods. In addition, they are produced based on modern American technology lines.

Vitamix industrial blender products are all undergoing rigorous testing, ensuring their quality according to international standards.

Bring modern, luxurious, and trendy designs. Moreover, the best things to make in Vitamix also converge great advantages such as 3-sided design to help grind faster and more efficiently.

Powerful sturdy blade with 2 special bearing rings for even higher performance; streamlined control system, easy to understand; is created with an advanced blending program.

There is no reason for you to refuse this wonderful blender. Get one in your kitchen right away and follow how to use Vitamix blender to see how to use them to better serve you.

How to Use Vitamix Blender – 8 Tips For How to Use a Vitamix, Best Vitamix Blenders


The ultimate tool every kitchen needs, so it can be missed for your great food or drink.

But even if you have the most advanced Vitamix blender, there’s no guarantee you’ll have the exact same recipe as a cookbook.

It takes a few little things to get used to Vitamix for you to get the most out of what you have. Don’t let you wait long.

Come to our Beginner’s Guide to Vitamix now.

How to Use Vitamix Blender – 8 Tips For How to Use a Vitamix

1 . Make sure the quantity is correct – Vitamix blenders

We will start how to work a Vitamix blender by placing the food inside the Vitamix blender.

Remember not to pour or cut too much of the required ingredients into the blender.

Lots of people have a problem with this commonly the first time they use it.

If you still try to mix with too many of the ingredients in the container, you will run into a problem that the rotors may not work or they will still spin but splash your inner blending out.

Therefore, you must maintain the correct minimum amount of food for the container to function as expected.

However, with each Vitamix machine having different tank volumes, the minimum mixing requirements for large containers will be greater than for narrow tanks.

One trick that tells you what is the minimum required for your blender, just to keep an eye on the maximum fill line noted on the container.

It will help you avoid leaks and also be used more comfortably.

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2. Arrange the ingredients properly – Blenders

This is a very helpful note to getting started with your Vitamix blender perfectly.

Whether you want to blend or create any kind of blend you like, you need to load all the ingredients correctly.

Simply, a single mess can damage your engine at any time, especially if you mistakenly start at high pressure with heavy pressure on the blades.

Therefore, the risk factor will be very large.

However, that also does not mean that when the operation is low, your blender can work properly with that.

It may still be subject to problems and the risk of shutdowns.

So there’s no excuse for you to avoid considering stacking lighter materials at the bottom.

Whereas heavier ones will be placed at the top of the blender’s container. And one more tip for you.

Keep the liquids closest to the blades, then soft items, and finally hard, frozen items. This can also help you prevent the formation of airbags and minimize the need for disturbance in the blender.

Make things easier by remembering the order of ingredients with the blender with the blade at the bottom of the container like this:

. Fluids: eg water, milk, cooking oil, yogurt or juice

. Dry goods: powder, five packs, spices

. Vegetables or fruits

. Ice or frozen food

3. Don’t be afraid to increase it to the top speed.

There are many people who worry that increasing at top speed will cause food to splash out and make noise, and at the same time, it will force the machine to operate at high intensity and reduce longevity.

But it was running Vitamix at low speeds that were really damaging it and the engine.

When the machine is running at a low speed, it will cause more pressure on the machine to handle.

This causes the engine to run over its limits and creates the risk of overheating, overloading, and automatically shutting down the blender.

While operating at high speed will make the cooling fan work to the maximum so that the engine has enough wind to stay cool. So you’ll be able to blend your mixes better and also faster.

However, we do not recommend that you immediately start the high duty on the blender motor when starting up.

Be gentle and start mixing your mixture at low to maximum speed.

4. Intervene when the machine is stuck with raw materials, soup,milk

Even though you have the correct order of ingredients when you put them in the blender, they can still be stubborn, and have a bit of difficulty in mixing ingredients is unavoidable when you grind.

The ingredients are too thick.

At this point, all you need to do is intervene in the process by adding a liquid solution or using the scramble push button (if any).

If that still doesn’t work, use a spoon or stirring to stir them up.

If you are a beginner you can stop the machine to do it. But if you are too proficient, you can perform the relay while the machine is operating.

But make sure the hard object you use to turn the blender doesn’t get to the blender blade.

It can damage the mesh or your hard object breaks down and mixes with the mixture.

5. Add ingredients to the grinding process.

Add ingredients to the grinding process. In the process of preparing your food or drink, it is not always possible to add all the ingredients in the first place.

Take a smoothie, for example. There are a lot of people who don’t like putting ice in the first place because it can make the sugar not melt and blend well with the good mix, and for example, add it in the end.

This is okay. However, instead of stopping the machine to add ingredients, you can also open the Vitamix’s lid and put them directly in.

However, you need to make sure that after you add it, it does not exceed the allowed amount of the machine’s ingredients so that the mixture does not splash or overload the machine.

6 . Timer turns off the blender.

Several types of Vitamix blenders will give you not only a stylish, classy, and beautiful look, but also provide you with a built-in digital timer. This will set the time to turn the blender on or off.

This will allow you to be free to do other things you desire without having to stay by your blender until they are finished as you like.

It is truly a very handy feature. However, you need to know how to perfect your blends.

Avoid working when it stops working but the ingredients inside your machine are still unfinished.

7. Use the accessories.

When you buy the Vitamix blender a number of types will provide you with quite interesting accessories that are the Vitamix blender cup.

With the Vitamix blender cup, you can directly blend your drink into it and enjoy or carry it smoothly without having to spill another object.

How to use a Vitamix blender cup is pretty easy too. You just need to put the ingredients in the Vitamix blender cup available but in the opposite order of what we recommend above.

As you grind, the Vitamix blender cup will be where the blender blade will be placed. Once done, you just need to put them in the machine’s device and work normally to get the mixture you want is complete how to use Vitamix personal cup adapter.

Also if your blender may come with a Food Processor, you also need to know how to use Vitamix as a food processor. They will allow you to grind meat or other dry ingredients without the need for liquid assistants.

You just install the Food Processor in the device and put the ingredients in and then start grinding them like a blender.

8. Clean the container after use.

After you have finished using your Vitamix blender, you can clean them up right away by pouring warm water halfway into the container. Add some dishwashing liquid and turn on high speed to clean. Finally, rinse with clean water.

However, if you do not have time to wash it right away, you can soak the container with water first so that the remaining mixture does not harden on the sides of the jar and the blade makes cleaning more time-consuming.

Then when you have time you can do the same or wash as usual with dishwashing liquid. However, do not let the blades cut into your hands during the washing process.

If after a period of use you find that your container shows signs of cloudiness you can use white vinegar to soak it for a few hours or overnight. The container will be cleaned and the residue removed.

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Related Questions

Q: How do I blend with Vitamix?

A: You can use the basic trick of gradually adjusting from slow speed to high speed so that the machine can mix well.

If they get thick, the tamper is the weapon you need.

Q: What is so special about Vitamix blender?

A: It has high strength with steel-made blades in the aerospace industry, 3-sided design to help grind faster and more efficiently;

powerful sturdy blade with 2 special bearing rings for even higher performance; streamlined control system, easy to understand;

is created with an advanced blending program.

Q: How do you load a Vitamix into a smoothie?

A: If you already have a Vitamix blender running normally to run them smoothly you need to know the basics of the quantity and the order in which ingredients and containers are arranged.

Operate it from slow to fast, use the mixer or tamper button to rescue the kettled mixture.

Q: Does Vitamix need liquid?

A: Yes, it’s sure with the Vitamix blender. You need to refill the liquid closest to the blade so that it can work properly before handling and grinding other ingredients.

They act as air pockets around the blades that prevent the material from getting stuck. But with a food processor, you probably won’t need it.


Vitamix blenders are truly the ultimate kitchen tool you should have. They will work better as you go through the 8 tips we provide on how to use vitamix blender.

Experience them to see how amazing they are.


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