How Much Are Golden Corral Prices? 

Golden Corral was established in 1973 as a privately owned chain of restaurants in the US. It is one of the biggest restaurants in the country with outlets in 41 states. They offer an all-you-can-eat buffet and grill. In this article, you will learn how much it costs to eat at Golden Corral. 

How Much Are Golden Corral Prices? 

The prices are qualified, that is, it depends on whether you are an adult, and on the time of day. Also, prices can change according to the day of the week. But if you are looking to know how much you would be spending on average for a meal, the prices below are for the Golden Corral outlet at 2155 Riverside Pkwy, Lawrenceville, Georgia. 

How Much Are Golden Corral Prices? 

  • For adults, the average price for meals is between $10 and $14. 
  • For children, the average price for meals is $6 and $8. 
  • Seniors can expect to spend between $9 and $13 for a meal. 

Note that there may be a slight variation in prices in the Golden Corral outlet in your location. However, these differences are within most people’s budgets. 

Factors That Determine Golden Corral Prices

Golden Corral makes their meals affordable generally, yet the following factors determine how much you’d spend on meals, give or take a few dollars or cents. 

Time of Day

Meals at Golden Corral are on the high side in the mornings. So if you are on a budget and you want to eat breakfast at any of the restaurants, be prepared to pay a few more cents. You can spend up to $10.49 on breakfast but spend a little less than that ($10.29) in the afternoon. The price climbs at night from 4 pm to closing time at which time it costs $14.99 per adult. 

Adults or Children 

The cost of meals is also influenced by whether you are an adult or a minor. Prices are even different for seniors. For example, while adults pay a flat $10.49 or $10.29 for buffets, children between the ages of 4 and 8 pay $6.99, including beverages. And seniors get to eat all they can with $6.99 for breakfast. 


The location where you live can determine how much you get to spend on buffets at Golden Corral. While the average in Georgia is as outlined above, it’s a different picture in the Golden Corral Syracuse, New York outlet.  Adults and seniors (60+) can eat breakfast buffets at $9.99 and $9.49 respectively. Kids between 4 and 8 can eat breakfast for $6.49 and those between 9 and 12 can eat it for $7.49. 

To-Go Meals 

To-Go meals are about the cheapest regardless of the time of day or location. On average, breakfast would cost $5.99 per pound of food, lunch $4.99, and dinner $7.99. 

Take Out 

Takeouts are priced hire. For example, Pot Roast (serves 2 to 4) is $12.49/lb. Bourbon Chicken (serves 16 to 20) costs $34.99. And Sides cost on average between $30 and $12. 

Are There Extra Costs?

If you are considering eating out you may wonder if you could be charged more than the price on the menu. 

You will be charged extra for beverages. This will add about $2 to $3  or more to your bill. Children between 4 and 8 can enjoy a beverage for their breakfast though. Every other person bears their costs. 

Can You Tip The Waiter At Golden Corral?

Yes, you can tip servers at Golden Corral. You should consider doing so the next time you eat there. According to payscale, Golden Corral servers earn an average hourly pay of $5. That’s lower than the national minimum wage. The work of the server includes making sure your table is clean, and topping you up on beverages, they sweep the floors too, and also stock your table with what you need to enjoy your meal. On that wage, many servers in Golden Corral aren’t able to afford medical insurance. Leaving a tip would go a long way to show you support them. They’re not going to make you leave a tip, of course. 

How To Save Money When Eating At Golden Corral

The thought of eating at Golden Corral can have you dreaming of another opportunity. But you can look at your wallet and shake your head at the idea. Here are a few ways to cut costs when eating at Golden Corral.

Golden Corral Coupons

The easiest way to save money on food at Golden Corral is through the use of their coupons. You can get these exclusive coupons at their outlets or on their website. Coupons introduce you to money-saving deals on food. 

Discounts For Seniors

You can also take advantage of discounts that many popular outlets offer senior citizens. If you have your parents with you or any other senior for that matter, you can take advantage of the discount while you save a few dollars on your budget. 

Gift Cards

You will find gift cards on the Golden Corral website. Gift cards come in handy when you want to make gifts, especially in the coming holiday season. And what’s more, you can have as many gift cards as you wish. You can also purchase their gift cards at their outlets nationwide. You have to be cautious though when purchasing Golden Corral gift cards from third-party vendors. Some online resellers of Golden Corral online are scammers, some sell fake cards. It is best to check their website for updates and sales or simply go to the restaurant itself. 

Final Thoughts

This article has not only shown the prices of buffets at Golden Corral, but it has also shown you how to save money while eating out in a restaurant. Golden Corral prides itself as one of the best restaurants in America. They have lived up to this claim in many of their restaurant outlets across the country. Everyone can attest to the delicious and well-prepared meals. Next time you stop by, don’t forget to tip the waiters who contribute to the smooth run of the establishment. 


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