Best Sauce for Lobster Ravioli

When it comes to eating lobster ravioli, most people stick with a butter sauce. They’re delicious but too easy. You have better taste than that. You want more flavor and desire more texture. I’ve eaten a lot of lobster ravioli and noticed that some sauces go better than others. Well, let me guide you in the direction of the best sauce for lobster ravioli.

Lobster ravioli is my favorite pasta to make. It is a bit more time-consuming but when made correctly, it’s amazing. It has a simple butter sauce but there are so many different things that could be added for flavor. There are so many sauces to try out, but we have compiled some of our best, so you can go ahead and try them out. 

Our Best Sauces to Try Out With Lobster Ravioli

Best Sauce for Lobster Ravioli

Lobster ravioli is a mainstay on many restaurant menus and a favorite at home. But what do you serve with the lobster ravioli? While you can use any pasta sauce, it’s best to choose one that will complement the delicate flavor of the lobster. Here are some sauces that work well with lobster ravioli:

Caper Berries in a Lemon Butter Sauce

The caper berries add a salty flavor to this dish. The lemon adds tartness and sweetness to the dish as well. This recipe makes enough sauce for two pounds of ravioli, so it can be used for other dishes as well. Add some vegetables such as peppers or mushrooms to your sauce if desired.

Seafood Bisque

This seafood bisque is great because it has a lot of flavor without being too heavy or filling due to its creamy texture. The seafood broth mixture includes shrimp and crabmeat along with other seasonings such as garlic powder, basil, and oregano for additional flavor enhancement. This recipe makes about four cups of bisque so you can use it for other dishes as well.

Truffle Oil and Black Pepper

This is one of the most popular ways to serve lobster ravioli because it pairs well with the lobster meat’s natural flavor. The truffle oil gives it an earthy, rich taste that blends beautifully with the pepper flakes.

Tomato Puree with Garlic and Cream

Here’s another classic sauce that goes great with the lobster ravioli filling. This recipe uses canned tomatoes instead of fresh ones so it’s easy to make at home even if you’re in a hurry. The garlic adds some heat while the cream keeps things rich and smooth.

Pesto Sauce

Pesto sauce is a great option if you want something lighter than a cream sauce but still want something creamy. Pesto sauces are usually made from basil, pine nuts, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and garlic, so they have a strong flavor that pairs well with lobster ravioli’s rich taste as well as their texture (as long as you don’t overdo it).

Lemon butter (for baked lobster ravioli)

This sauce is good for both baked and boiled lobster ravioli. It’s made by mixing lemon juice, butter, salt, and pepper, then baking the ravioli in the oven until golden brown on top. You can also use this as a dipping sauce or serve it over pasta.

Tomato Basil

Tomato Basil is a classic sauce for lobster ravioli. It’s made by sautéing tomatoes, garlic, and basil in olive oil, then adding white wine to deglaze the pan. This recipe is great with fresh tomatoes, but you can also use canned or jarred tomatoes. The basil adds just enough flavor to make this sauce stand out on its own, but not so much that it overpowers the ravioli.

Puttanesca Sauce

The puttanesca sauce is one of the most popular sauces for lobster ravioli recipes. The traditional recipe calls for anchovies, capers, olives, and tomatoes, but you can also use shrimp or crab instead of tuna for a seafood version of this sauce.

Blue Cheese Sauce

If you like blue cheese dressing on salads, then you’ll probably enjoy it with your lobster ravioli as well. This sauce pairs well with pasta as well as with meat dishes like steak or chicken breasts.

Creamy garlic sauce

Creamy garlic sauce is a classic choice for seafood ravioli. This sauce is made with butter, garlic, and cream and it’s seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s very rich and creamy, so it’s best to serve this sauce with lighter kinds of pasta than fettuccine or linguine. Spaghetti or angel hair works well, but bowties or penne would also be great choices.

Red-pepper cream sauce

The red-pepper cream sauce is another classic choice that pairs well with lobster ravioli. Like creamy garlic sauce, red-pepper cream sauce is very rich. It’s made with cream, butter, red peppers, garlic, wine, and lemon juice. Red-pepper creams have a bold flavor that works well with seafood dishes like lobster ravioli because they complement the flavor of seafood rather than overpowering it like some other sauces might do.

Mushroom cream sauce

This creamy mushroom sauce is perfect for any kind of pasta, especially if you’re cooking with lobster ravioli. The mushrooms add a wonderful earthy quality to the dish, and they pair perfectly with the sweetness of the lobster meat.

Alfredo sauce (with shrimp instead of chicken)

This version of Alfredo sauce is made with lots of fresh garlic and plenty of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. The addition of shrimp takes it from classic Italian to modern American comfort food.

Lobster Ravioli’s Nutritional Values

The main ingredients in Lobster Ravioli include:

Lobster meat: This ingredient provides protein and essential amino acids. It also contains some essential fatty acids such as omega-3s, which are important for brain function and blood circulation.

Flour: This ingredient provides carbohydrates for energy production and also provides some B vitamins that help us absorb nutrients from food more efficiently. Flour also contains fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Eggs: These provide protein and fat that are essential for muscle growth and development. Eggs also contain vitamin A, which is important for healthy skin and eyesight. The yolk contains most of the fat present in eggs, but it also contains significant amounts of cholesterol; therefore people are advised to sparingly consume them.


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