how do air fryers work vs oven

how do air fryers work vs oven

How do air fryers work vs oven? in comparison, the oven had been introduced a long time ago since the release of air fryers.

And many people consider using the oven as a traditional cooking method.

Yet, nowadays, with the advance of technology, air fryers seem to replace ovens in many family’s kitchens.

This post will show you “how do air fryers work vs oven” and some other fundamental information about these two products.


How Do Air Fryers Work vs Oven? All You Need to Know


Air fryers vs convection toaster oven

Air fryers reviews – air fryer oven

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. Durability: 9.7 Score

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Our review: Air fryers, due to the compact design, air fryer takes up less space than the oven does.

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Convection toaster oven reviews

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. Heat distribution: 9.3 Score

. Temperature Control: 9.3 Score

. Energy efficiency: 9.4 Score

. The customer reviews for the product: 4.3/5 star [14,650 ratings]

Our review: convection oven, a convection oven can complete almost every cooking.

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 Air Fryers’ Working Process? air fryer vs

Despite having the word “fry” in its name, an air fryer doesn’t fry anything.

Users place the food into the machine’s perforated basket and set up cooking modes.

Once being activated, the air fryer generates hot air and circulates it around the ingredients inside.

The hot air will create a convection effect responsible for browning the food’s exterior and cooking the inside through this heating process.

Usually, when the temperature hits around 200 Celsius degrees, breaded food like tender meat or french fries needs around 14-17 minutes to be served.

For better taste and a faster cooking process, you can cover a thin layer of cooking oil over the ingredients.

How does an oven work? Baking

2 Oven’s Working Process – consider

Types of oven – There are two types of ovens: the conventional oven and the other is the convection oven.

The conventional oven generates heat and pushes it from the bottom to the top of the machine.

For this reason, food that you place on the bottom rack will take more time to be cooked than the items on the top rack will.

Besides, this cooking method sometimes leads to the problem that your ingredients are not evenly cooked despite putting them on the same machine at an identical temperature.

Convection oven also creates heat, but instead of releasing it from the bottom to the top.

The oven’s internal fan circulates the heat around so that food at every corner will get the same effect and be evenly processed.

The internal fan is the only difference between the convection oven and the conventional one.

Besides, this feature makes the convection oven sound like an air fryer and leads us to the question below.

Can You Use A Convection Oven As An Air Fryer?

The answer is YES.

You can utilize the convection oven as an air fryer.

A convection oven can complete almost every cooking task that an air fryer can due to the relatively identical cooking process.

Full-size oven vs air fryer

Usually, a convection oven measures a bigger size than an air fryer, so you can cook a larger amount of food in a convection oven than in an air fryer.

However, due to the compact design, the air fryer takes up less space than the oven does.


Air fryer :

In an air fryer, the heat comes from the machine’s top. Hence, the hot air will flow from the top to the bottom of the appliance.

The oven:

The convection oven generates heat from both the top and the bottom.

With this feature, the hot air in the oven will flow up and down the machine and become more concentrated.

It’s difficult to affirm which machine can heat up your food faster.

The reason is that although the heat in a convection oven is more concentrated, it has a large space for the heat to surround the food.

Meanwhile, with a compact design, the air fryer’s heat can easily cover all the food.

Fan Placement

The manufacturer inserts a fan in the oven’s back, sometimes the fan is on the side, but in some models, it is on the back.

On the other hand, an air fryer has its fan on the top, and it is spotted under the heating part.

Fan Size And Speed

Usually, fans on air fryers are bigger than fans on convection ovens.

Therefore, the air fryer’s fan offers a faster speed than the oven does.


Air fryer accessories: To process your food with an air fryer, you have to pay extra money for additional perforated accessories depending on the food you tend to cook, like skewers, baskets, spits, trays, and racks.

Meanwhile, with the convection oven, you can place the ingredients directly on the provided racks.

Our review: Air fryers need quite a lot of accessories.


Whenever you finish using your air fryer, you can store it on a kitchen cabinet, thanks to the compact design.

In contrast, a convection oven should remain full-time on your countertop because it’s such a waste of time and effort to disassemble and store a bulky machine, like a convection oven after use.


Since using an air fryer requires a lot of additional accessories, cleaning tasks after use will cost you quite a lot of time.

Especially if you cook any cuisine with sauce, the dripping is really a challenge for you.

Meanwhile, when you use a convection oven, you don’t have to apply any external objects except for the pan, so the cleaning will be much easier.


In fact, the price of any product on the market will vary due to the brand name, the quality, the materials, and so on.

However, convection ovens are usually cheaper than air fryers because air fryers are produced with the latest technology.


An air fryer often creates a louder sound than a convection oven.

According to a report, Philips, a well-known brand making household appliances, announces that its air fryers generate 65db sound while functioning.

This noise is like the sound from a vacuum cleaner.


If you cook your food by using a convection oven, you can see what is happening inside the machine through the transparent glass.

Therefore, you can easily decide when is the time to take the food out.

But, this is impossible for air fryer users. Despite working out to invent more technologies for the latest models, manufacturers can’t provide customers with an obvious view through the machine.

We all know that the appliance will automatically complete its job after we finish the setup, but getting to know the actual condition of the food inside can help in some cases.

Electricity Use

As mentioned above, an air fryer can be seen as a smaller version of a convection oven, but is it more electric-saving?

This depends on how you use the machine.

Let’s take an example! If you are going to heat up a bowl of fried rice using an air fryer, this machine can complete this task for you in about 12 minutes at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the contrary, the convection oven takes up to 15 minutes and 425 Fahrenheit degrees to give you a hot bowl of fried rice.

We haven’t mentioned the appliance’s wattage, and we can easily see that using an air fryer is more energy-efficient in this case.

However, if you want to bake several cookies, which machine can do better? Of course, it’s the convection oven.

Thanks to the bigger size and the up-down hot air circulation, a convection oven can process many cookies at a time with a single manipulation.

On the other hand, with an air fryer, you have to make the cookies with batches, one by one.

Plus, the energy consumed for each baking time remains the same.

In this case, an air fryer takes more time, and more energy than a convection oven does.

Therefore, you have to carefully consider your cooking purpose before using either of these appliances for the best energy-efficient.

Are air fryers better than the oven?

Air Fryer Vs Oven. Which one is better?.

It’s difficult to evaluate which appliance is better, and it is up to your demand.

If you are on a diet and want to minimize the calories in your meal as much as possible but still want to enjoy fried dishes, we suggest that you use the air fryer.

Since you have to put your food on the perforated racks, when the machine heats up the food, fat will drip through the holes on the racks.

Thanks to this feature, the processed ingredient won’t soak into excess oil.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an air-fryer-like machine with more inside cooking space, a convection oven can be your best choice.

You can place more than one rack in the convection oven, so you can cook larger quantities of food than with the air fryer.

Besides, according to some customer surveys, they assume that air fryers create louder noise than convection ovens do.

Bottom Lines Consider

Nowadays, there are many kitchen appliances on the market.

However, air fryer vs conventional oven and convection oven is one of the must-have items in our kitchen.

In this article, we have shown you “How do air fryers work vs oven.”

To conclude, an air fryer is not too much different from a convection oven, but it is far different from a conventional one.

You should carefully consider your using purposes and get yourself the most appropriate product.


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