Weber Spirit Vs Genesis

Weber Spirit Vs Genesis

Weber spirit vs genesis. When you are looking for a quality grill, the Weber Spirit and Genesis grills are two of the best options on the market.

Both have many features that make them great choices for backyard cooking.

But there are some important distinctions between them that you should know before making your purchase.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the Weber Spirit vs Genesis debate to help you decide which one is right for you.

Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Reviews


What is a weber spirit?

weber spirit vs genesis

The weber spirit is a handheld propane gas grill, which can be found in thousands of retail stores such as Target and Kmart for under $50.

The name “weber” is extremely well known within the world of grilling aficionados.

It’s very similar to owning a Honda Accord – while Honda makes some pretty darn nice cars, it’s not really their best effort.

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Features of a weber spirit


The weber spirit has a tiny little cooking surface. At the end of this article.

I’ll show you a picture that really illustrates how small it is compared to other grills.

In fact, there’s no real way to have a dinner party using just one of these!

But if you’re feeding yourself and maybe another person, then the size isn’t too much of an issue.


You can find these very easily, for around $49.99 USD.

Many times, they offer a two-pack, one blue and one red, selling for about $60 total.


The design of the weber spirit is clearly meant to be small; measuring only 25 inches long by 23 inches wide by 16 inches high (we’ll call it 23″H).

It’s not cylindrical like most grill designs – I’m beginning to think that with all their different models it’s simply hard to make any new type of shape with propane grills.

Instead, it almost looks like someone hacked up a cube with some holes in it and attached an extendable tray table to the bottom.

This means that there is no real need to be concerned about how you lay the grill down for storage – it will fit just fine anyway.


As we discussed, the weber spirit isn’t cylindrical. It’s also not jet black and shiny like many pre-built grills are these days.

Instead, it comes in either blue or red (other colors are available with different models), which are both dark metallic shades.


The weber spirit comes with 10 years of warranty.

This is outstanding, especially considering that most grills have a 1–2-year warranty!

It also holds up well against the TEC grill brand propane grill, which has a 3-year warranty.

Customer Service:

I’ve never had to contact customer service for my weber spirit grill – it’s served me admirably for several years now without any significant problems.

Based on what I’ve read online, however, I’d say that they are very responsive and friendly towards their customers who may need help.


Most of the components are made from metal (with one exception, which I’ll mention later).

The tank holder itself is made from a black plastic material that’s lightweight.

Ease of use:

The weber spirit is extremely simple to use – it comes with a little side burner which you can turn on and off easily, as well as one ignition switch.

The cooking surface has two knobs to control the heat.

In terms of assembly, all you must do is attach 5 screws onto the legs and you’re done!


The weber spirit comes with several accessories right in the box!

There’s a stand that gives a stable base for storage, a nice tray table that extends from either side of the grill (for holding your tools), an easy access propane tank holder, and even a convenient drip pan.

Cooking surface:

The cooking surface on the weber spirit isn’t big enough for a full meal.

In fact, if you’re grilling something that needs space to cook all sides then I’d recommend using multiple grills instead of just one.

However, it does have two little side burners that can be turned on and off as needed- this should give you a good amount of grill space even with a small propane gas grill like this!

A durable construction:

Almost all the components on this grill are made from metal, except for the wooden handles (which do make it easier to clean, though they can be replaced by metal ones).

I’ve heard that some users may have problems with rusting right after purchase, but personally, mine has held up just fine for over 5 years now.

Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane 3-Burner Grill, Black

Several convenient features:

The weber spirit has some convenient features that I think set it apart from most other grills.

The first is the propane tank holder on the side – this lets you easily access a propane tank without needing to lift it over a bulky grill.

Another great feature is the extendable tray table on either side, which makes for easy access to tools and condiments while you’re cooking!

Time to assemble:

In my experience, it took about 20-30 minutes to fully assemble the grill, though this may vary depending on your prior knowledge of BBQs or grills in general.


The weber spirit comes with 10,000 BTU/hr output capability. This is primarily due to the two separate burners on the grill.

However, some users have noted that while it has more than enough power for searing and cooking (and even some baking)

These numbers may not be quite accurate when it comes to grilling larger items like whole chickens or roasts.

You may need more BTUs if you’re going to be doing a lot of low and slow cooking!

Flavorizer Bars:

The weber spirit comes with two flavorizer bars – these are located on the very top, under the lid.

They help distribute hot air onto the cooking surface and make sure that your food gets an even amount of heat while it cooks.

Advanced Grease Management:

The grease management system on this grill is top-notch – there’s a drip pan that you can remove whenever you need to clean or change it, instead of having to dismantle the entire thing.

Also, the grease drippings are collected separately under one of the side burners.

Temperature Control:

The weber spirit comes with two gas knobs, one on each side.

This makes it easy to change the temperature of the grill – all you must do is turn a knob and adjust as necessary!

Noise Level:

In my experience, the weber spirit is on the quieter side when it comes to gas grills.

It doesn’t have an annoying rumbling sound like some other models, which can be helpful if you’re trying to cook in the early morning or late at night!


The weber spirit is lightweight for a barbecue grill – I’d estimate around 60 or 70 pounds including all accessories.

Not quite as lightweight as an electric grill, but still easy enough to move around.

Infinity Ignition:

The weber spirit comes with an infinity ignition system, which is nice in that it doesn’t need any batteries or electricity!

Rather, you just push a button on both sides of the grill, and they will spark up right away.

Upgraded Burners:

The weber spirit comes with upgraded burners – this is one of the nicest features.

The burners on regular weber grills can clog up and rust over time, but these ones are built to last!

It also has two separate knobs for each burner – one on top and one on the side.

For example, you can turn the side knob to light the middle burner while leaving your left or right burners off so that only a small part of the grill is lit up.

What is genesis?

The genesis is the first model of Weber’s propane gas grill line-up.

It is one of their most well-known models and features a sleek stainless-steel construction.

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Features of agenesis


The weber genesis comes in two different sizes – the standard 22.5″ and a larger 26.75″.

As you can imagine, the 26.75″ genesis is a bit larger than the 22.5″ standard model!


On average, the genesis costs around $400 on Amazon.

This makes it one of their more expensive grills since they have been around for so long, but it’s still well worth its price tag!


This series of Weber propane gas grills have a very sleek design made mostly out of stainless steel, which gives it that stylish look that many Weber models offer.

Even though it’s stainless steel, this grill should still be easy to clean (though you’ll need a stainless-steel cleaner for best results!).


The style of the weber genesis is a major selling point.

It features a sleek design made from stainless steel, which gives it that modern and stylish look that many users love!


Weber offers a 5-year warranty on their propane gas grills from the date of purchase.

This covers any manufacturer defects but does not cover damage due to weather or other natural disasters.

Customer Service:

Weber offers great customer service on their grills and has for many years.


The genesis is mostly made from stainless steel, which will make cleaning a breeze.

It also means that you can fully expect this grill to last for many years!

Ease of use:

Some users have mentioned that assembling the genesis can be slightly difficult due to harder-to-follow instructions.

However, most parts come labeled and are easy to assemble if done correctly!

This gas grill can also be a bit heavy once assembled – so be sure to take it apart again before moving it around on your patio or deck!


The Weber packages the grill with all the tools you’ll need to get cooking right away.

All you will need is propane!

Cooking surface:

The weber genesis features 768 square inches of total cooking space with 526 in direct and indirect heating capacity.

These numbers are quite close to the 22.5″ standard model, with only a 2-inch difference when it comes to the size of the actual grilling area!

A durable construction:

The genesis is made from stainless steel, which means it’ll hold up well against the elements and will be easy to clean!

Several convenient features:

The weber genesis features a large side shelf and a built-in thermometer to help you monitor the temperature of your grill!

Time to assemble:

The genesis is much easier to assemble than other models – it will take you around 30 minutes to completely assemble the grill.


Each of the burners produces about 10,000 BTUs.

So overall this grill easily has enough power for searing and cooking foods quickly but may not be quite enough for low and slow cooking.

Flavorizer Bars:

The weber genesis includes two flavorizer bars, which will help distribute heat evenly across your grill and give you great searing results!

Advanced Grease Management:

Weber has engineered the burner tubes in their genesis line-up to include an advanced grease management system that will reduce flare-ups and make clean up much easier!

Temperature Control:

You can easily control the temperature on your weber genesis with its front-mounted control panel.

You can expect quick heat recovery, which means you’ll be able to get cooking quickly after adding more fuel.

Noise Level:

This grill has average noise levels – it’s high pitched enough to be heard but should still allow you to carry on a conversation while it’s running.


The weber genesis weighs about 70 pounds, which makes it easy to move around and store during bad weather.

It is also quite compact when disassembled, so this isn’t much of an issue either way.

Infinity Ignition:

The infinity ignition system ensures quick and easy starts every time.

You simply have to press the knob in, turn it, and release it!

Upgraded Burners:

The burners have been designed to be more durable and provide better heat distribution.

 Pros and Cons of weber spirit and genesis

The two are quite similar in terms of design, with the genesis being slightly smaller and lighter.

The spirit is more durable due to its stainless-steel construction but is also much heavier.

The similarities of the weber spirit and genesis:

Both grills feature porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates and stainless steel flavorizer bars.

They also both come with a 10-year limited warranty – so you can rest assured knowing your grill is covered if anything were to go wrong!

The differences of weber spirit and genesis:

The genesis has an upgraded infinity ignition system, which ensures your grill will easily start every time.

It also includes two flavorizer bars (which can be purchased separately for the spirit) and is slightly more powerful with 10,000 BTUs per burner!

Overall value:

This gas grill represents great value at around $500 – it’s got all the features you need to get cooking fast.

Without any unnecessary extras that increase the price but don’t improve performance.

The only downside is that assembly may take a bit longer than other models.

However, this isn’t too much of an issue once you’ve done it once or twice!

The winner:

The weber spirit is a great grill, but the genesis slightly edges out ahead in terms of value, since it includes extra features that help performance and will get your cooking faster!


What is the primary difference between a weber spirit and genesis?

The main difference between weber spirit and genesis is in the construction of the grill – both offer similar features.

However, the spirit is slightly more durable thanks to its stainless-steel components, while the genesis is a few pounds lighter and easier to move around if required.

Which one should I buy?

Both models are somewhat similar in terms of design, with the main differences being size, weight, BTU output, noise levels, warranty length, durability, and price tag.

The genesis has a slightly smaller cooking surface than the standard 22-inch model; it also weighs about 25 pounds less.

It costs around $500 more than the spirit – so it’s worth checking out this information if you’re trying to decide whether it’s worth upgrading.

We would recommend comparing the used prices of both grills before deciding on what model to go with that way you’ll always be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Pros and Cons of a weber spirit and genesis?

Weber spirit pros:

It’s got a great design, with porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates and stainless steel flavorizer bars for durability and efficient heat transfer.

It also comes with an infinity ignition system, which ensures your grill will start every time.

Weber spirit cons:

The primary drawback of this grill is its weight – at over 150 pounds it can be quite difficult to move around the patio, if necessary, especially considering there are lighter models on the market costing less money.

Genesis pros:

The primary advantage of this grill is its price – at around $500 it’s a great value and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for optimal cooking potential without spending too much money.

It also comes with extra features that make cooking easier, such as an upgraded infinity ignition system and flavorizer bars.

Genesis cons:

Assembly can take some time, so bear this in mind when deciding which product to purchase.

If you prefer something more lightweight and easier to move around then the spirit is probably better.

We recommend comparing prices online before making your final decision!


Weber Spirit Vs Genesis. Overall, either of these grills would be a great pick if you’re looking for quality without having to spend too much money.

The genesis is slightly more expensive than the weber spirit, however, it offers an infinity ignition system that ensures your grill will start every time – as well as upgraded favorite bars that make cooking easier!


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