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Aigostar Deep Fryer with 3 Baskets and Lid, Electric Deep Fat Fryers with Timer and Temperature, 4.2Qt Oil Large Capacity, ETL Certificated,1650W

If you are wondering how long to deep fry frozen chicken wings, this article will give you the answer. Scroll down and find out interesting information.

Fried chicken wings are a delicious dish for even small children and the elderly.

Therefore, keeping chicken wings in the home fridge for convenient use is a common habit.

Yet, some people don’t opt for this method because they wonder how long to deep fry frozen chicken wings.

Now, we will share with you the thorough answer to your question.

How Long to Deep Fry Frozen Chicken Wings And For How Long


How Long To Deep Fry Frozen Chicken Wings?

A perfect fried chicken wing is the one with the crispy and brown outside while keeping the tender meat.

Hence, frying a chicken wing may not be as easy as it seems, especially with frozen ones.

The reason is that, unlike fresh chicken wings, the frozen ones can’t get the precise heat from the frying oil.

To simplify your cooking this cuisine, we introduce the deep-frying technique.

Honestly, this is the perfect cooking method not only for frying fresh chicken wings but also the frozen chicken wings.

Deep-frying will bring you the wing juicy inner meat and flawless crispiness with inviting color and aroma.

Interestingly, this cooking method is straightforward, and people at any cooking-skill level can master it.

We recommend that you opt for an apron and a splatter guard to avoid getting burned by the cooking oil.

Fried chicken wings – Best deep fryer

Generally, the required time for you to deep fry frozen chicken wings is from 10 to 12 minutes if you carefully follow frying steps.

Since deep-frying doesn’t require a thawing out process, this cooking time is for frying only.

Furthermore, you should keep your chicken wings frozen appropriately for the most optimal cooking.

how long to deep fry frozen chicken wings

For instance, you should put the chicken pieces in the fryer or skillet separately but not leave them in a cluster or frozen together.

In case you utilize a deep fryer, the time spent on heating the oil will vary due to the deep fryer appliance.

Hence, to save your time, you should follow the instructions provided along with the specific deep fryer models.

On the other hand, if you choose a pan or a skillet to fry chicken wings, a thermometer will help.

You should check the thermometer to decide when is the time to put the wings into hot frying oil.

According to a professional cook’s advice, 350°F is the favorable degree for immersing the frozen wings in.

What’s more, you need to avoid putting too many pieces at the same time, or else they will cluster.

Leave the wings in the frying oil for 10-12 minutes. Once you notice the outer turns brown and crispy, take them out.

Deep frying requires a lot of cooking oil, so you need to extract the grease from the fried wings before enjoying them.

To complete this process, there are two common methods.

The first one is to set the fried wings on a plate covered with a paper towel.

Besides, you can lay them directly on a raised racket with a paper towel beneath.

Now, you have managed to know how long to deep fry chicken wings stored in fridges.

Next, we will guide you to make a perfect fried chicken wings dish.

How To Cut Chicken Wings?

Before getting into the frying step, we will show you how to properly cut the chicken wings for easier frying and better taste.

A chicken wing commonly consists of three parts: the drumette, the wingette or the flap, and the wingtip or the flapper.

To divide the three sections apart, you have to carry out two cuts.

Firstly, you have to turn the wing’s inside portion up so that you can clearly see the joints.

Next, spot the high ridge and cut there. In case you don’t know what the high ridge is, it is the position between the flaps.

The second cut is to detach the wingette from the drumette. You can carry out this cut with ease due to the obvious joint.

When you finish the cutting process, you will have three chicken wings portions to fry.

Honestly, people tend to dispose of the wingtip or store it for other purposes.

How To Deep Fry Frozen Chicken Wings?

Many people may know how to fry chicken wings, but a small group of them can fry frozen chicken wings.

Hence, we will give you a thorough tutorial now.

Choosing The Suitable Frying Appliance – best hot air fryer

You can fry many things with a pan, but not frozen chicken wings.

The reason is that the hot grease will splatter all over your kitchen and may get you burned.

On the market, the two most frequently-used appliances for frying frozen chicken wings are deep fryer and skillet.

So, we suggest that you use one of them to make tasty frying dishes from frozen ingredients, not only chicken wings.

 Fill And Heat The Oil – Deep frying

Firstly, you need to pour an appropriate amount of oil into the frying appliance.

The actual oil amount depends on your demand or your fryer and skillet’s size.

Some deep fryers provide customers with thorough instruction to fill the suitable oil volume for each cuisine.

On the contrary, with a skillet, you will have to estimate the amount of oil yourself.

According to a common experience, three-inch depth is enough to pour oil into a skillet.

When starting the heating procedure, you need to prepare a thermometer to check the temperature.

If your deep fryer has one, you can skip this step.

Wait For The Hot Oil And Add Frozen Wings In Fried

The special feature of using a deep fryer or a skillet to fry frozen food is that you can skip the thawing step.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can immediately put the frozen wings into the hot oil right after you take them out of the fridge.

You should contain the wings in a food container and shake it to remove the ice excess as much as possible.

Furthermore, you need to prepare a food clamp or a pair of long chopsticks to complete this process.

The icy outer of chicken wings will cause a splash when they interact with hot oil, so keeping distance from the fryer or skillet will avoid your being burnt.

As mentioned above, the ideal time for the frozen chicken wings to acquire the crispiness and golden-brown outside with the tender meat inside is from 10 to 12 minutes.

Extracting Grease With Paper Towel – Fried Chicken

After you finish the frying process, you need to take the fried wings out.

However, at this time, there is a lot of grease on the wings. This liquid is not only harmful to your health, but it also deteriorates the chicken wing’s taste.

Therefore, extracting the grease is necessary for you to have a delicious dish.

You should cover the paper towel over a bowl or a plate. Then, place the recently fried chicken wings on the towel and wait for the excessive oil to be absorbed.

How To Deep Fry Chicken Wings Safely?

To many people, cooking is a hobby that gives them time to relax.

Yet, some find cooking dangerously because of potential risks like getting burned or resulting in a mess.

Don’t worry if you fry frozen chicken wings for the first time. Our article not only answers you “How long do you fry chicken wings?”, but it also gives you the step-by-step tutorial to make tasty fried chicken wings while keeping you safe.

There is one notice that you should take care of when cooking anything: oil and water are not a favorable combination.

Since water is heavier than oil, water will sink to the bottom of the frying appliance.

Once the fryer or skillet gets hot, it forms steam from boiled water.

Next, the steam creates bubbles, and bubbles are the root of splash all-around your kitchen.

For this reason, you have to separate the deep fryer or skillet from the water before you pour oil into the frying appliances.

If possible, try to dry the fryer or skillet.

Deep fry chicken wings – Fryer Temperature

Moreover, operating your deep fryer appropriately is crucial to safely make fried chicken wings.

You should carefully check out the instruction provided with the model before using it.

In case you can’t afford a deep fryer, a skillet is a decent alternative.

But, the skillet for frying frozen chicken wings must be large and deep to prevent splash.

For the most optimal safety, you can equip a fire extinguisher in your kitchen to cope with any emergency that emerges while deep fry chicken wings.

Strictly following these rules above, you can make an appetizing fried chicken wings dish without worrying about getting injured or causing a mess in your kitchen.

Bottom Lines – Best Air Fryer

In conclusion, the answer to your question, “How long to deep fry frozen chicken wings?” is 10 to 12 minutes.

However, this answer is not suitable for the question “How long to fry chicken wings” because the fresh chicken wing will require different cooking time and process from the frozen ones.

With this useful piece of information and some detailed guides, we believe that you will manage to make a delicious dish of fried chicken wings,deep fry frozen chicken


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