juicer or blender which is better

juicer or blender which is better


Juicer or blender which is better. On a hot summer day like this, enjoying a smoothie or a glass of fruit juice is a great thing, isnt it?

Undoubtedly many of you will like the smooth texture of a smoothie, but for me, I prefer liquid drinks like fruit juice.

Of course, everyone has a different hobby.

so check out the article below juicer or blender which is better.

To determine if a juicer or blender will be the right product for your needs and taste.

Juicer or blender which is better.Tips and Tricks: Advice on buying a juicer or blender


Juicer or blender which is better

The response depends upon your needs. If minerals and vitamin supplements are a priority, a juicer is the best option.

As a matter of fact, along with tasty juices you additionally intend to refine recipes, a modern multi-function mixer is the right selection.

On the other hand, it is recommended to select an electric juicer if it is utilized a whole lot and continually.

Fruit juicer – whole fruit juicer

 juicer or blender which is better

Juicer is a kitchen appliance that helps you create deliciously,
nutritious glasses of juice.

So that you can improve your family’s health because the juice provides so many healthy vitamins, especially the slow-speed juicer.

The juicer has the function of grinding and crushing.

Juicing fruits or vegetables into the water, and producing more water than a blender.

For families with young children who do not like to eat vegetables and fruits.

You can use the juicer to squeeze water for children to drink.

Juicer has two types of the centrifugal juicer with fast speed and low-speed juicer.

High-speed centrifugal one

The Best Juicers

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The system consists of central parts: a high-speed engine.

Mixing wheel, machine lid, piping, the extractor of juice, and discharge of pulp.

This device’s principle is that if the vegetables are put into operation, the tray runs very rapidly (near 2 400 rpm) to assist the fruit ground.

And thanks for centrifugal tension, detach the fluids from the fruits.

Instructions for using the juicer properly

Like other household appliances.

When buying a juicer users need to know how to use it properly.

The new device is durable over the years as well as promoting its most excellent use.

The first is to read the user manual carefully.

This is the most important thing that users need to keep in mind when buying a new juicer to understand the process used.

Not all presses have the same structure and usage, so you are not subjective in this step.

Then choose the right ingredients.

Selecting the right pressing material also increases the life of the juicer.

We recommend that you choose fruits that are moderately hard and avoid too soft fruits such as custard, bananas, as their residues are easily trapped in the sieve.

The third is to clean the device after use.

After using, you should remember to wipe the juicer machine clean.

Avoid for a long time, or the residue will adversely affect the internal engine.

Note during the removal process; you should be careful. Do not let water stick to the power cord.

Pros and cons of juicer

The juicer types have many advantages and disadvantages; we would like to list some for your more objective assessment:


. Squeeze a lot of different vegetables, fruits like carrots, oranges, apples…

. The machine has a large capacity of over 400 W squeezing the whole skin, seeds, stems of vegetables and fruits such as broccoli or pineapple (aromatic)

. Remove fiber from fruits, vegetables to make glasses of fresh, easy-to-drink juice.

. You can use that fiber for cooking dishes like soup, porridge.

. Features safe automatic shutoff, giving users more peace of mind when using the product.

. Some versatile products come with a blender as well.


. Large size, need more space to the layout.

. The price is higher than the mixer and multifunctional press products.

. Carefully clean the filter element of the device after use.

Blender – Best blender for smoothies


juicer or blender which is better

The best blender

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As for the mixer, it functions as a puree of fruits, in addition to functions such as meat grind, nuts, hand blender, and can beat eggs.

A blender has more features than a juicer, such as being able to grind baby porridge.

Puree vegetables, and then squeeze water, but the efficiency and quality are not as high as a juicer.

The structure of a blender consists of 2 parts:

The body and the mill;

These two parts are connected by connecting blocks or threads to help consumers easily remove them.

In particular, the body is made from plastic.

Outside, there are control buttons, a thermal slot, and rubber pads for non-slip.

The inner side consists of the motor (an essential part of the blender termite), the circuit system, the drive plate, etc.

The jar is made of high-quality glass or broken plastic, including the blade is made of stainless steel or stainless steel, the mill, one cover, one stirring rod, and one piece of rubber gasket to waterproof.

Some famous brands of blender include:

Blender brands best. Braun, Steba, Phillips, Panasonic, Sanyo, Electrolux, Siemen, Turmix, Bluestone…

Blender has two main types: fixed blender and hand blender.

 Fixed blender

Traditional design, consisting of a blender with a metal blade, powered by an electric motor attached to the bottom of the jar. Some are strong enough even to crush ice or crab.

Hand blender

Engine side handle design connects directly to a blade spindle. This hand blender is more versatile and can be used with any food or fruit container.

Notes when using a blender

Before grinding

. Do not use the blender to grind meat; only use the blender to crush fruits and vegetables.

. Before you grind, you have to check if the parts are fitted together.

. Absolutely do not let the machine operation when the jar does not contain food.

. While the appliance is grinding

. Blend food with a sufficient amount, accounting for about 2/3 of the machine capacity.

. The downside of the blender is that when operated continuously for more than 30 seconds, it will be boiling.

. So you should limit the machine to run continuously, must have a break for the device.

After finishing grinding

. Do not put your hands in the jar to avoid danger.

. After disconnecting the power, you have to wait for the machine to . . cool down completely before you start cleaning.

. To make cleaning easier, after grinding is finished, you should add water to soak, so it will be easier to clean.

 Comparison between juicer and blender – differences between juicer and blender

The blender and the juicer can make delicious, nutritious drinks.

However, there are some differences between the two types of devices.

Juicer – best juicer machine

Squeeze more juice than a blender, some slow juicer models can even squeeze soybeans to make soy milk.

Juicer usually has a large capacity, robust motor operation.

For families with young children who do not like to eat fruits and vegetables.

You can use a juicer, squeeze water for the babies to drink.

Blender – Best blenders

More features than a juicer can be used to puree porridge for babies.

You can also puree vegetables and then squeeze drinking water.

But the efficiency and quality are not as high as the use of a juicer.

Recommendation Juicer or blender which is better

If you need a machine that can process delicious, nutritious smoothies daily for the family.

Utilizing the machine to grind meat, spices, and dry nuts and the device must be compact and easy to clean, a blender is an appropriate choice.

If you prefer to drink juice and do not hesitate to clean or install it.

You can refer to the juicer; in addition.

You can find out a versatile blender to serve both needs. I hope you have the right choice!

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