Rec Tec Vs Traeger


Rec Tec Vs Traeger

Rec tec vs Traeger. There are many different types of grills on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is best for you.

In this post, we will compare two popular brands: rec tec and Traeger.

We will look at the features of each grill, as well as the customers’ opinions.

By the end of this post, you should have a better idea of which grill is right for you.

Rec Tec vs Traeger Pellet Grills Reviews

What is a rec tec?

The rec tec is a reusable plastic container for ice chest insulation.

The inside walls are sloped so the user can have ice sitting up against them, creating more surface area to keep things cold longer.

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Features of a rec tec


The rec tec is designed to fit the standard 18 Gallon Igloo brand cooler.

The dimensions of this style of cooler are Length – 17 1/8″ Width – 12 5/16″ Height – 11 5/8″.

If you have a different-sized cooler, then you can purchase adapters that will help it work better for your specific size and shape.

Some customers do not use the rec tec for ice chest insulation; they find other uses such as bag holders for hunting, transporting items, kitty litter boxes, and rabbit cage lining.


The cost of a reusable plastic container varies depending on where you buy it from.

You can get them anywhere from $4-$15 or more depending on what you are looking for.


The rec tec has a slanted design so the user can have ice sitting up against the walls, creating more surface area to keep things cold longer.

This is usually made from plastic and comes in different colors; white, blue, green, or clear.

They also come with many different prints on them, but they don’t affect performance at all.

Some customers like their style because it matches the cooler that they already own while others prefer something more colorful to brighten things up when outdoors.


Whichever rec tec you choose will depend on your preference of style. Since they come in different colors, prints, and designs then it’s up to the user which one they like best.

Most customers prefer white because it matches most coolers, but some do not care about color at all as long as the unit works properly for them then they are happy with their purchase.

Some people also want more than one, so they have choices on which pattern/print they want their unit to be printed on depending on what event or occasion is coming up.


The rec tec comes with a full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

It is also recyclable which means it is good for the environment as well as your wallet since you won’t have to buy those throwaway ice chests that end up in landfills every year.

Customer Service:

Since rec tests are made by a small business, they offer excellent customer service for their customers.

They will go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great experience whether buying online or at one of the many trades shows they attend throughout the year.

Their main goal is to help spread the word about recycling and provide quality products to save you money and reduce waste all over this planet.


The rec tec is made from recyclable plastic that is BPA-free and FDA approved.

They are durable, safe, reusable, and washable to ensure many years of use.

Their design allows the ice to sit up against the walls so there’s more surface area to keep things colder longer than a regular cooler would be due to less air space in between.

Ease of use:

The rec tec is easy to use, simply detach it from your cooler and rinse with warm water until all residue is gone then snap it back into place.

When the ice melts you can either drain or throw it away depending on what you are using the cooling system for.

You can also purchase a rec tec divider that fits in most Igloo brand coolers which allows you separate items from beverages, mix drinks or frozen foods from non-frozen food and keep everything cold longer.


The rec tec comes with a variety of different accessories such as a colder insert, travel cup/bottle insulation piece, lid holder/cup insulator (fits most lids), divider, and cosmetic piece to put on top of your lid.

Temperature Control:

The rec tec works by providing a controlled environment that keeps your food and beverages colder longer without the use of electricity or batteries.

Using insulation combined with thicker walls, it has twice the insulation value compared to other insulated coolers on the market.

The double-wall design ensures an ice-free zone around the cooling system, so you won’t have water dripping over your food anymore!

Temperature Range:

The rec tec will cool to 50 degrees below the exterior temperature which is more than any other reusable cooling technology out there.

If it’s 75 degrees outside, your food and beverages will be around 25 degrees when you’re ready to enjoy them!

They also work well in hot weather since they help keep things cooler for longer and can hold ice up to 10 lbs.

longer than a regular Igloo or Coleman cooler would.


Cooking Surface Area:

The rec tec provides over twice the cooking surface area compared to a regular cooler which means more room for your food and less time spent trying to arrange it so it all fits.

Instead of having one big space, you’ll have several smaller ones so you can separate food from drinks or frozen foods from non-frozen items.

Since the ice is sitting up against the walls, there’s less air in between and therefore more direct contact with your food.

This helps cool everything faster than a regular cooler would due to the insulation as well as keeps things colder longer since there’s no air to warm up inside like other types of cooling systems out there.

Hopper Capacity:

The rec tec is also great for hunters, fishermen, boaters, campers, and anyone else who likes to go out in the wilderness to enjoy nature.

It will keep your food cold longer than any other cooler on the market and can hold up to 60 lbs of ice!

That’s 20 lbs more than a regular Igloo or Coleman cooler which means you won’t have to pack as much ice with you on your next hunt or fishing trip.

You’ll save money on ice too since this reusable cooling system holds ice 4 times longer than a typical cooler would!

Great news for all of us concerned about saving our planet while we’re at it.

What is a Traeger?

A Traeger is a wood pellet grill that uses an electric fan to push the heat into the room and away from your food.

It also comes with an app that provides you with information on cooking times, food temperatures, and even allows you to control your grill!

From what I’ve heard (from others who own one) it cooks like any other BBQ would if not better due to the insulation.

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Features of a Traeger


The actual size of one varies depending on how many racks you buy with it.

The ones that I’ve seen the most often are 36″ and 42″.

There were a few others as well but those were mostly for catering purposes or outdoor use.


A Traeger will usually range from $400-$900 dollars depending on what you want to get out of it.

They have some basic models that are around 400 but they also have some more expensive models with wire racks, warming trays, or even wood chip pans!

Some are basic while others have features that allow you to fully customize your grilling experience so everyone can enjoy their food just how they like it.


There are 3 different designs for a Traeger.


The 3 different styles mentioned above are all very popular because they do what they’re supposed to- cook your food thoroughly and evenly without any problems.


Traeger pellet grills come with a 1-year warranty for the entire unit itself.

The only exceptions are accessories that have shorter warranties.

That means that if anything breaks down or malfunctions it will be covered under that year’s warranty!

I think that is great especially since this thing costs quite a bit of money, so you want to make sure everything is properly taken care of.

Customer Service:

I didn’t have to call customer service yet so I can’t say for sure how helpful they’d be if you had questions or issues with your product.

From what little research I’ve done though it seems like most people who called them were satisfied with their responses and were able to resolve any problems they had quickly.


This is probably where Traeger really shines against all the other BBQ brands out there!

They use 3 different types of material when assembling these grills which are all stainless steel, aluminum, and even some powder coating on certain parts.

This makes it very resistant to rusting or corrosion no matter how much it’s outside or in humid areas.

The grills themselves are solid too which makes it very easy to clean the grease and oil buildup off them.

Ease of use:

I’ve used a Traeger, and it wasn’t too difficult to figure out how to use it.

It is probably the techiest grill I’ve seen or used before but it’s by no means impossible or frustrating!

I’d say that taking a few minutes to read the manual will make your experience much better!

There are several different ways you can cook with this thing (direct heat, indirect heat, cold smoke) which is what makes it such a versatile addition to any backyard.


The accessories for Traeger’s include wood pellet flavors like hickory, oak, mesquite, applewood, cherry wood, pecan wood, etc…

This gives your meat (or veggies) that extra bit of flavor that you can’t get with gas or charcoal grills.

You also get greater variety in your cooking which makes it even more fun to use!

Temperature Control:

With the Traeger, you can easily control how hot it gets by adjusting the pellet flow which allows for many different styles of cooking.

If you want a low heat smoke then simply reduce airflow, if you want it hotter increase airflow- easy as that!

You can also set up your own temperature profiles on the app which is cool too!

They have specific preheat settings starting at 160F all the way up to 500F!

This outdoor grill can reach higher temperatures than most indoor ovens due to its advanced insulation design and construction materials.

Temperature Range:

The temperature range for this grill is not very high when compared to other outdoor grills.

It reaches around 500 degrees Fahrenheit which can allow you to cook just about anything in it however if you need a higher temperature then there are other models that reach even higher which may be something worth looking into depending on what your needs are.

Cooking Surface Area:

The cooking area of the Traeger is about 285 square inches which is more than enough for most families.

With that said there are options with the same pellet grill that have even higher cooking areas if you need it like I mentioned before.

The shape itself of this grill along with the increased airflow makes it very versatile and perfect for larger cuts of meat like ribs or pork shoulders!

These can be easily fit on its racks but there are some limitations to things like chicken breasts or fish filets.

Hopper Capacity:

The hopper capacity for the Traeger is 17.5 lbs. which goes a long way when cooking with it!

I usually fill mine up about halfway each time to smoke and grill (with the flavor wood pellets) and this gets me between 8-10 hours of use without having to add more pellets.

Pros and Cons of rec tec and Traeger

The pellet hopper on the rec tec is a bit smaller than that of the Traeger however I think this is a good thing.

Since its smaller, you must add pellets less often and can usually get around 8-10 hours of use from one filling which isn’t too bad at all!

The smaller size also makes for simpler transportation since it’s not very heavy even when fully loaded so you shouldn’t have any problems taking it along with you while tailgating or camping out!

The similarities of rec tec and Traeger:

Both pellet grills are equally as efficient at cooking and yet both have unique qualities that make them that much better!

The rec tec is great for those who want a slightly smaller grill or something a bit easier to transport whereas the Traeger is perfect for those looking for more space and a heavier duty feel!

Another thing they have in common is how good they look.

They both come in some cool color schemes making it very easy to find one that suits your tastes perfectly!

The differences of rec tec and Traeger:

There are a few differences between these two grills that may influence your decision on which one to buy.

The first difference is the size with the rec tec being a bit smaller than that of the Traeger.

Another thing that can affect your decision is what kind of cooking you plan to do with it!

If you’re planning on doing most high heat searing then I would recommend going with either the Traeger or another grill model from Smokeproof since they have higher maximum temperatures however if you want along.

Lasting outdoor grill for putting pork shoulders, ribs, and other cuts of meat on without having to worry about them drying out or overcooking then the rec tec will be perfect for you!

Rec tec vs Traeger Overall Winner

I think the winner is a little bit obvious in this case!

The Traeger wins hands down in my opinion especially if you’re looking for something with a larger cooking area and can reach really high temperatures making it perfect for searing steaks or other meats.

Even though the rec tec costs a bit less and holds up very well, I would recommend going with the higher-end model like the Traeger because of how long-lasting it is and its ability to cook at such high temperatures.

You also get more space on the racks which comes in useful when cooking bigger cuts of meat!



What is the primary difference between a rec tec and Traeger?

The primary difference between the rec tec vs Traeger is in their general appearance and build.

The rec tec is a bit smaller than the Traeger and costs a bit less and is generally more lightweight making it easier to transport since it has wheels!

Which smoker is right for me?

This question is difficult to answer since it all comes down to preference!

I would recommend going with the rec tec if you’re looking for a less expensive model however if you want something with a bit more power and a larger cooking area then go with the Traeger.

Pros and Cons of a rec tec and Traeger

Rec tec pros:

It is very easy to assemble the rec tec out of the box and usually takes less than twenty minutes!

The rec tec has a high maximum temperature of 500+ degrees making it perfect for searing steaks or other meats at high heat whereas many pellet smokers only reach around 250 degrees max (which is mainly used for smoking meat like brisket).

The food tastes great-cooked on this machine!

The smoke flavor gets locked in well because of how efficient it is heating up to 500+ degrees!

Rec tec cons:

It doesn’t hold as many wood pellets so you need to refill it more often than some other grills 8-10 hrs. aren’t too bad but if you’re cooking for a lot of people, it can be annoying.

Traeger pros:

The Traeger is very easy to assemble out of the box and usually only takes around 15 minutes!

The Traeger has a maximum temperature of around 500-700 degrees making it great for searing steaks or other meats at high heat whereas many pellet smokers only reach 250 degrees max (which is mainly used for smoking meat like brisket).

It has endless possibilities when it comes to what you can cook on it! You can do everything from grilling your favorite steak or burgers to smoking your favorite BBQ recipes on here!

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Traeger cons:

It doesn’t hold as many wood pellets so you need to refill it more often than some other grills 8-10 hrs isn’t too bad but if you’re cooking for a lot of people, it can be annoying.

It costs a bit more than the rec tec however its higher maximum temperature and larger cooking area make it worth the extra money!


Pellet grills are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and quality.

They may come off as slightly expensive since there are not many entries level brands however they will last you a long time and can be passed down to younger generations once it’s all paid off.

These grills are designed in such a way that cooking is not only efficient but easy and fun as well!

The rec tec and Traeger brand pellet grills both have their own unique qualities which make them both great to use!

However, I would go with the Traeger brand due to its hefty build, larger cooking area, higher maximum temperature, and searing capabilities.

Both of these brands make some incredible outdoor cookers so if you’re looking for something new then definitely check out one of the two I mentioned above!


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