how to clean kitchen knife knives

how to clean kitchen knife knives


How to clean kitchen Knives. Kitchen knives need to be kept clean in order for them to work efficiently.

A dirty knife will not cut through food as well, and a sticky residue from the food can build up on the blade which could lead to harmful bacteria growth.

There are many different ways of cleaning your kitchen knives; some people prefer using dish soap and water while others use an electric knife sharpener with a built-in sharpening stone.

We recommend that you choose whichever method is easiest for you but it is important that you get your knives cleaned regularly so they stay in good condition!

Cleaning your knives should be done on a regular basis, between once every other day and once per week depending on how often you use them.

This article will teach you how to do just that! how to clean kitchen Knives: A Step-by-Step Guide.

How To Clean Kitchen Knife Knives: A Step-by-Step Guide


How To Clean Kitchen Knife Knives

Knives are an essential tool for many of us in the kitchen.

Whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who cooks at home.

There’s no doubt that knives play a huge role in how well your meal turns out.

But what do you do when those knives get dirty?

How should they be cleaned? How often should they be sharpened?

How can I keep them safe from rust and corrosion?

These questions and more will be answered here, through this step

Cleaning Your Knife: Step by step guideline how to keep your knife clean and sharp:

Step 1

At firstly you need a towel or wear clothes to clean the knife blade and handle ( Fixed or Folding) hardly.

Then keep it wash several times free of water.

Step 2

After completing the first process the second step is to wash in hot water with the mild shop or any kind of washing powder or liquid materials.

Washing carefully in blade edge side and properly in a blade and handle in the water.

Step 3

After washing water using the chemical to wash the blade steel.

The knife sinks in two or three minutes in the chemical water.

Step 4

Then wash it in a dry towel smoothly from top to bottom including handle materials.

As folding type blade applying oil or other kinds of lubricant to make easy to open.

Using a dry blade is long-lasting and keeps clean and sharp.

That is the complete easy and comfortable process to clean your knife handle and knife blade.

 How to sharpen kitchen blade – kitchen Knife

how to clean kitchen knife knives


A sharp Kitchen knife is the best kitchen tool because that you can cut it down easily in a short time.

Various ways to have too sharp a kitchen knife.

While sharping in a stone, Electric sharpener, Sandpaper, and others various ways.

Sharping Whet Stone: Sharping in a wet stone is the oldest method.

Using many types of stone is sharping the blade quickly.

Some of like that Oil-stone, Water-stone, or Aluminum Oxide sharping stone.

That’s the Process of Sharping blade in Whetstone Methods:


At first, the main point is that getting ready in sharping stone are submerge into fresh water in up to 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2

Then start the working process. To find the dull point of the knife edge and move into the whet-stone around 15-20 degrees angle through the knife blade.

Moving on and turn around on both of the sides around the knife blade in 5 to 10 minutes until sharping good.

Sharping In Electric Sharpener: Thus Electric sharpener is a modern sharping method and the easiest using tool.

Most benefited is that you can sharpen your knife blade at a little spend of time without any hard rush.

The easiest process and comfortable processes are sharping, polishing, and creating a sharp edge perfectly.

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Step 1

The primary work is that keep clean the sharpener and blade port with a dry towel or cloth.

Then start the power switch in an electric sharpener and put the knife in your left hand and place the knife blade into the sharping port.

To most ensure that blade must be position at 15 to 20 degrees angle in surface line.

Keep moving slowly from the blade up to the bottom until the blade has a nice sharp edge.

After completing the sharping process then change the sharping port because the second process is that polishing smoothly and creating a nice sharp edge.

Step 2

Finally, rise the blade into the sharping port and wash it carefully with a dry towel handle to point.

Washing 3 or 4 times in the whole knife and test sharping in a paper cutting method.

Kitchen Knife Caring Tips – kitchen knife maintenance

Now I am sharing some kinds of exclusive tips that protect your kitchen knife dullness quickly, sharp in a long time, and serve the best quality of services.

1. Always use soft types of cutting boards like Wooden or Plastic Cutting boards. Avoid some kinds of steel, ceramic, glass, and others.

2. Don’t store out your EDC knife without washing the blade.

The blade is sucked in corrosions. In the longtime store, mind washing the blade properly and use oil or librarians.

3. Everybody doing common mistakes that through the knife into the sink. Keep remembering that Never throughout the knife into the sink.

And always wash hot water separately and then wash with a dry towel.

4. Always use the sharp knife when the edge becomes dull or Sharpless to primary duty it re-sharpen as early as possible.

5. Don’t over sharpen your kitchen knife that ricks for your kitchen works.

6. Choosing the wooden knife handle because that cutting of hard type thinks the wood handle not be slippery.

How To Clean Kitchen Knife Knives: FAQs


What is the best way to clean a knife?


– Soak in hot, soapy water for 15 minutes

– Wash in the dishwasher on the top rack

– Hand wash with soap and rinse thoroughly

How do you properly clean a knife?


– Clean the blade with soap and water then dry it off.

– Rinse under running water and scrub the blade with a sponge or dishcloth.

– Wipe down the blade with alcohol to disinfect it before storing it in a drawer or knife block.

How do you clean stainless steel knives?


– Dishwasher safe

– Hand wash only

– Never use soap

Can you use soap and water or do you need to buy a special cleaner?


– Soap and water is enough, but make sure not to use dishwasher detergent.

– You can also use a mixture of vinegar and salt for stubborn stains.

– Special cleaners are the best way to go because they’re specifically made for this type of material.

What is the best way to clean an old knife without damaging the blade?


– Fill a glass jar with water and drop in 4 tablespoons of bleach. Put in the blade and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water and dry thoroughly before storing.

– Clean off any visible dirt or food particles, then place in dishwasher on a heated drying cycle without detergent for one hour.

– Use hot soapy water to remove any debris from the blade, then rinse it off with cold water. Dry it with paper towels and store away from other utensils to prevent stains or corrosion from spreading.

Final Verdict

How how to clean kitchen Knives. I’ve given you a ton of tips and tricks to help keep your kitchen knives sharp so that they can do their job without any problems.

Now it is time for me to share some advice on how to properly care for the blades themselves – this way, you don’t have to worry about keeping them sharp in the future.

One thing that many cooks overlook when caring for their knives is protecting them from dullness by following these simple steps:

1) Cleaning out food debris with an abrasive sponge or cloth (never use steel wool!)

2) Wiping down knife blade with oil.

3) Putting away wet towels/cloths after washing dishes 4) Making sure dishwasher isn’t overloaded 5).



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